Leigh owner Derek Beaumont responds to fan criticism

Josh McAllister
Derek Beaumont

Leigh owner Derek Beaumont has hit at fans in an online rant. 

Beaumont confirmed that new signing John Asiata will arrive at the club early this week.

He also revealed that the club is set to announce two more signings, with the Championship season edging closer.

Adrian Lam leads the side after being appointed head coach earlier in November. They head into the season joint favourites with last year’s Grand Finalists Featherstone.

Beaumont said he has spent £1.2million on his squad with just £180,000 funding from central funding and a £400,00 parachute payment following their relegation from Super League.

The club is yet to confirm their squad numbers and captains for 2022.

Despite their promising season, Beaumont has responded to negative criticism of his club on social media.

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Derek Beaumont hits out at fans

Beaumont posted on social media: “Whilst our fans are what it’s all about and the most important revenue stream, we don’t run the club based on your comments or needs.

“We are dual-registration with Saints and know what we can expect from them player wise and we are not stupid. I have a lot at stake. I’m very happy with the work of Karen, Chris, Neil and Adrian in running the club.

“We won’t sign people that do not fit for signings sake. We will deliver for our fans when the result at the end matters. I hope our fans deliver for us as up to now our sales don’t do that.

“I must say the negativity and slagging off is wholly unhelpful. We had an employee in tears last night due to tripe ranted on social media about merchandise.

“Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it just as I am mine, especially when I am pumping fortunes into the place again to get where we deserve to stay.

“If you haven’t got anything positive to say then please keep it to yourself as it just doesn’t help. Trust in those putting money, time and effort in and those with a proven track record and experience who are being paid to do a job that they will do it.

“We won’t fail and we aren’t perfect but I could easily come and analyse any of our critics in their lives and work and give a load of negativity.

“A supporter’s job is to support, to be positive and defend the club no matter what, not disrespect and criticise it.

“I care not if people who are not that ilk like my comments or even turn up. I would sooner go to war with real people who go with what we have and fight until the end. Rant over!”

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