Guy Armitage gives update on injury recovery

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Guy Armitage and Joe Burgess Super League

Toulouse centre Guy Armitage has said he hopes to return to action in a month’s time as he recovers from a fractured larynx.

Armitage picked up the injury during their derby defeat against Catalans in Rivals Round back in April. He says he is going for a scan in a couple of weeks time, which he hopes will clear him to play again.

He told Love Rugby League: “It’s just about concentrating on getting back. But if I can get back to how I started, which was enjoying it and playing every game, then that’s perfect because I can only play one game at a time.

“I’ve got a scan in two or three weeks, and then that’s gonna check it from there. It’s not really one that you can rush. So hopefully a month’s time.”

Armitage mindset to recovering from injury

The 30-year-old spoke also spoke about maintaining a positive mindset, particularly with an injury like this one.

He added: “Mine’s strange because I’m not in pain. Actually, I feel fine. I could train, I can do weights. I could train with the team. Just no contact.

“So it’s just trying not to get frustrated and have a look at what I can actually do control. There’s no point saying it would be so much better if I could play, what can I do at the moment?

“I can still train because there’ll be around the boys, I can still support them on game day. We’re still part of the team and going towards the same goal. So it’s just I keep my job like I do.

“And at the end of the day, I’m getting paid to play rugby, don’t overthink it too much. I’m still in a good position. So just enjoy what’s going on and just being grateful for it.”

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