2024 League 1 fixtures & results: Every one of the 90 games listed

Ben Olawumi
Sean Long with Oldham badge, Hunslet RLFC, Newcastle Thunder, Martyn Ridyard with Rochdale Hornets badge

New Oldham head coach Sean Long (top left), Hunslet (top right), Newcastle Thunder (bottom left) & new Rochdale Hornets signing Martyn Ridyard (bottom right) will all be involved in League 1 in 2024 as things stand - Alamy

The full fixture list for the 2024 League 1 season has been revealed, with 90 games to take place over 23 rounds.

As a result of London Skolars withdrawing, the third tier has been cut to nine clubs. That tally of nine includes Newcastle Thunder, who themselves have had to overcome financial issues aplenty to make the cut.

Each of the nine clubs will play all of the other eight home and away, with a further four ‘loop’ fixtures taking the number of League 1 games played by each team to 20.

Of the four ‘loop’ games, two will be played at home by each club and two away, the same principle as in Super League.

Alongside those in the Championship, third tier clubs were allowed to reveal their first home league fixture of the campaign prior to the full reveal.

Every one of the 90 fixtures – across the 23 rounds – is listed for your viewing below.

The ‘new boys’ to League 1 in 2024 are Keighley Cougars and Newcastle. Both of those were relegated from the Championship in 2023.

Sean Long’s Oldham were the pre-season favourites to top the division having spent big and made some eye-catching signings ahead of their permanent return to Boundary Park, including ex-New Zealand international Elijah Taylor.

Round One

Sunday, March 17

Keighley Cougars 56-12 Cornwall

Midlands Hurricanes 28-38 Rochdale Hornets

Hunslet 48-12 Newcastle Thunder

Workington Town 10-48 Oldham

Round Two

Sunday, March 24

Cornwall 16-40 North Wales Crusaders

Keighley Cougars 58-16 Workington Town

Midlands Hurricanes 70-16 Newcastle Thunder

Rochdale Hornets 24-26 Hunslet

Round Three

Friday, March 29 (Good Friday)

Hunslet 14-42 Keighley Cougars

Saturday, March 30 (Easter Saturday)

Newcastle Thunder 18-48 Workington Town

Sunday, March 31 (Easter Sunday)

North Wales Crusaders 20-14 Midlands Hurricanes

Oldham 54-6 Rochdale Hornets

Round Four

Sunday, April 7

Hunslet 0-62 Oldham

North Wales Crusaders 58-18 Newcastle Thunder

Workington Town 32-22 Rochdale Hornets

Round Five

Sunday, April 14 

Keighley Cougars 22-6 North Wales Crusaders

Midlands Hurricanes 26-30 Hunslet

Oldham 46-10 Cornwall

Rochdale Hornets 68-4 Newcastle Thunder

Round Six

Sunday, April 21

Cornwall 6-72 Midlands Hurricanes

Hunslet 18-30 Workington Town

Newcastle Thunder 6-82 Keighley Cougars

North Wales Crusaders 36-37 Rochdale Hornets

Round Seven

Saturday, April 27

Midlands Hurricanes 16-44 Oldham

Sunday, April 28

Hunslet 22-14 North Wales Crusaders

Rochdale Hornets 30-42 Keighley Cougars

Workington Town 52-18 Cornwall

Round Eight

Sunday, May 5

Keighley Cougars 18-26 Hunslet

Oldham 74-0 Newcastle Thunder

Rochdale Hornets 56-24 Cornwall

Workington Town 16-26 Midlands Hurricanes

Round Nine

Sunday, May 19

Cornwall 0-42 Oldham

Midlands Hurricanes 66-4 Newcastle Thunder

North Wales Crusaders 10-30 Keighley Cougars

Rochdale Hornets 56-12 Workington Town

Round 10

Sunday, May 26

Hunslet 42-16 Cornwall

Keighley Cougars 28-18 Oldham

Midlands Hurricanes 18-10 North Wales Crusaders

Newcastle Thunder 18-24 Rochdale Hornets

Round 11

Saturday, June 1

North Wales Crusaders 24-25 Oldham

Sunday, June 2

Cornwall 30-6 Newcastle Thunder

Midlands Hurricanes 18-25 Keighley Cougars

Workington Town 22-24 Hunslet

Round 12

Sunday, June 16

Cornwall 14-38 Rochdale Hornets

Hunslet 25-18 Midlands Hurricanes

Newcastle Thunder 6-60 Oldham

North Wales Crusaders 34-32 Workington Town

Round 13

Sunday, June 23

Cornwall 0-26 Keighley Cougars

Hunslet 18-48 Rochdale Hornets

Newcastle Thunder 4-42 North Wales Crusaders

Workington Town 4-28 Oldham

Round 14

Sunday, June 30

Cornwall 10-16 North Wales Crusaders

Newcastle Thunder 10-44 Midlands Hurricanes

Oldham 30-6 Hunslet

Workington Town 18-37 Keighley Cougars

Round 15

Sunday, July 7

Keighley Cougars 20-20 Rochdale Hornets

Newcastle Thunder 0-44 Workington Town

North Wales Crusaders 18-32 Midlands Hurricanes

Round 16

Sunday, May 12 

Midlands Hurricanes 22-24 Cornwall (re-arranged from July 14)

Sunday, July 14

Newcastle Thunder 16-42 Hunslet

Oldham 32-6 North Wales Crusaders

Workington Town 14-12 Rochdale Hornets

Round 17

Sunday, July 21

Cornwall v Workington Town

North Wales Crusaders v Hunslet

Oldham v Keighley Cougars

Rochdale Hornets v Midlands Hurricanes

Round 18

Sunday, July 28

Hunslet v Workington Town

Keighley Cougars v Midlands Hurricanes

Newcastle Thunder v Cornwall

Rochdale Hornets v Oldham

Round 19

Sunday, August 4

Keighley Cougars v Newcastle Thunder

Oldham v Midlands Hurricanes

Rochdale Hornets v Cornwall

Workington Town v North Wales Crusaders

Round 20

Saturday, August 10

Cornwall v Hunslet

Sunday, August 11

Midlands Hurricanes v Workington Town

North Wales Crusaders v Keighley Cougars

Oldham v Newcastle Thunder

Round 21

Sunday, August 18

Cornwall v Midlands Hurricanes

Hunslet v North Wales Crusaders

Keighley Cougars v Oldham

Newcastle Thunder v Rochdale Hornets

Round 22

Sunday, August 25

Keighley Cougars v Hunslet

Oldham v Cornwall

Rochdale Hornets v North Wales Crusaders

Workington Town v Newcastle Thunder

Round 23

Saturday, August 31

Midlands Hurricanes v Hunslet

Sunday, September 1

North Wales Crusaders v Cornwall

Oldham v Workington Town

Rochdale Hornets v Keighley Cougars

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