2024 Championship fixtures & results: Every one of the 182 games listed

Ben Olawumi
Wakefield Trinity, Widnes Vikings, Featherstone Rovers & Swinton Lions

Wakefield Trinity (top left), Widnes Vikings (top right), Featherstone Rovers (bottom left) & Swinton Lions (bottom right) will all play in the Championship in 2024 - Alamy

The full fixture list for the 2024 Championship season has been revealed, with 182 games to take place over 26 rounds.

Each club will again play 13 home games and 13 away games, with the only tweak to the structure the scrapping of the Summer Bash.

Less than 7,000 supporters attended the event over the two days it took place this year at York’s LNER Community Stadium, an unsurprisingly stark reduction compared to the number who made the trip when it was staged at Bloomfield Road in Blackpool.

All 14 Championship clubs were allowed to reveal their first home league fixture of the campaign ahead of the full fixture release, with 12 of them opting to do so.

The full schedule has been locked in for the ‘regular season’, and every one of the 182 fixtures – across the 26 rounds – is listed for your viewing below.

The ‘new boys’ to the second tier are Wakefield Trinity (relegated from Super League) as well as Dewsbury Rams (promoted as League 1 champions) and Doncaster (promoted as League 1 play-off winners).

Round One

Friday, March 15

Wakefield Trinity 42-12 Bradford Bulls

Sheffield Eagles 24-22 Toulouse Olympique

Sunday, March 17

Batley Bulldogs 20-24 Featherstone Rovers

Dewsbury Rams 10-24 Halifax Panthers

Doncaster 36-20 York

Whitehaven 18-16 Swinton Lions

Widnes Vikings 44-8 Barrow Raiders

Round Two

Friday, March 29 (Good Friday)

Bradford Bulls 29-10 Halifax Panthers

Dewsbury Rams 24-4 Batley Bulldogs

Doncaster 20-26 Sheffield Eagles

Featherstone Rovers 12-20 Wakefield Trinity

Whitehaven 23-22 Barrow Raiders

Widnes Vikings 28-10 Swinton Lions

Sunday, March 31 (Easter Sunday)

York 14-20 Toulouse Olympique

Round Three

Saturday, April 6

Toulouse Olympique 14-20 Swinton Lions

Sunday, April 7

Barrow Raiders 15-14 York

Dewsbury Rams 6-24 Widnes Vikings

Doncaster 6-42 Wakefield Trinity

Featherstone Rovers 14-24 Bradford Bulls

Halifax Panthers 18-10 Batley Bulldogs

Whitehaven 16-42 Sheffield Eagles

Round Four

Saturday, April 13

Bradford Bulls 19-12 Toulouse Olympique

Sunday, April 14 

Barrow Raiders 27-20 Dewsbury Rams

Doncaster 4-46 Featherstone Rovers

Swinton Lions 4-22 Sheffield Eagles

York 6-50 Wakefield Trinity

Whitehaven 12-25 Batley Bulldogs

Widnes Vikings 40-14 Halifax Panthers

Round Five

Saturday, April 20

Toulouse Olympique 40-4 Whitehaven

Sunday, April 21

Barrow Raiders 6-38 Doncaster

Batley Bulldogs 14-34 Wakefield Trinity

Featherstone Rovers 32-24 Widnes Vikings

Halifax Panthers 0-46 Sheffield Eagles

Swinton Lions 50-22 Dewsbury Rams

York 25-14 Bradford Bulls

Round Six

Saturday, April 27

Wakefield Trinity 28-12 Toulouse Olympique

Sunday, April 28

Batley Bulldogs 22-18 York

Bradford Bulls 13-14 Widnes Vikings

Doncaster 38-12 Dewsbury Rams

Halifax Panthers 12-28 Swinton Lions

Sheffield Eagles 54-0 Barrow Raiders

Whitehaven 24-28 Featherstone Rovers

Round Seven

Friday, May 3 

Sheffield Eagles 10-36 Wakefield Trinity

Saturday, May 4

Dewsbury Rams 21-38 Toulouse Olympique

Sunday, May 5 

Barrow Raiders 24-14 Batley Bulldogs

Featherstone Rovers 36-16 Halifax Panthers

Swinton Lions 12-38 Bradford Bulls

Widnes Vikings 16-14 Doncaster

York 16-36 Whitehaven

Round Eight

Saturday, May 18

Toulouse Olympique 38-16 Barrow Raiders

Sunday, May 19

Bradford Bulls 28-10 Sheffield Eagles

Dewsbury Rams 12-46 Featherstone Rovers

Doncaster 26-0 Batley Bulldogs

Wakefield Trinity 46-22 Swinton Lions

Widnes Vikings 28-28 Whitehaven

York 40-18 Halifax Panthers

Round Nine

Friday, May 24

Sheffield Eagles 36-13 Dewsbury Rams

Saturday, May 25

Toulouse Olympique 28-20 Widnes Vikings

Sunday, May 26

Barrow Raiders 25-12 Featherstone Rovers

Batley Bulldogs 21-20 Bradford Bulls

Halifax Panthers 34-8 Doncaster

Swinton Lions 22-30 York

Whitehaven 6-30 Wakefield Trinity

Round 10

Friday, May 31 

Wakefield Trinity 56-0 Dewsbury Rams

Saturday, June 1 

Halifax Panthers 24-38 Toulouse Olympique

Sunday, June 2

Batley Bulldogs 31-18 Sheffield Eagles

Bradford Bulls 36-24 Barrow Raiders

Doncaster 25-25 Whitehaven

Featherstone Rovers 40-42 Swinton Lions

York 18-22 Widnes Vikings

Round 11

Saturday, June 15 

Toulouse Olympique 52-0 Doncaster

Barrow Raiders 28-38 Halifax Panthers

Sunday, June 16

Dewsbury Rams 0-40 York

Sheffield Eagles 18-16 Featherstone Rovers

Swinton Lions 16-20 Batley Bulldogs

Whitehaven 18-36 Bradford Bulls

Widnes Vikings 18-20 Wakefield Trinity

Round 12

Saturday, June 22

Batley Bulldogs 0-36 Toulouse Olympique

Sunday, June 23 

Bradford Bulls 38-4 Doncaster

Featherstone Rovers 24-34 York

Sheffield Eagles 30-21 Widnes Vikings

Swinton Lions 10-24 Barrow Raiders

Wakefield Trinity 46-24 Halifax Panthers

Whitehaven 38-12 Dewsbury Rams

Round 13

Saturday, June 29

Doncaster 18-8 Swinton Lions

Toulouse Olympique 20-0 Featherstone Rovers

Sunday, June 30

Barrow Raiders 0-36 Wakefield Trinity

Dewsbury Rams 12-38 Bradford Bulls

Halifax Panthers 38-18 Whitehaven

Widnes Vikings 16-24 Batley Bulldogs

York 10-18 Sheffield Eagles

Round 14

Friday, July 5

Sheffield Eagles 28-0 Halifax Panthers

Saturday, July 6

Toulouse Olympique 12-12 Bradford Bulls

Sunday, July 7

Dewsbury Rams 16-20 Doncaster

Featherstone Rovers 66-0 Whitehaven

Swinton Lions 24-12 Widnes Vikings

Wakefield Trinity 34-12 Batley Bulldogs

York 54-12 Barrow Raiders

Round 15

Saturday, July 13

Whitehaven 24-34 Toulouse Olympique

Sunday, July 14

Batley Bulldogs 22-2 Barrow Raiders

Bradford Bulls 2-14 Wakefield Trinity

Halifax Panthers 6-14 Featherstone Rovers

Sheffield Eagles 22-34 Swinton Lions

Widnes Vikings 34-12 Dewsbury Rams

York 27-0 Doncaster

Round 16

Saturday, July 20

Toulouse Olympique 32-4 Wakefield Trinity

Featherstone Rovers 12-24 Doncaster

Sunday, July 21

Barrow Raiders 8-6 Sheffield Eagles

Batley Bulldogs 29-22 Dewsbury Rams

Bradford Bulls 36-28 York

Halifax Panthers 20-24 Widnes Vikings

Swinton Lions 20-22 Whitehaven

Round 17

Saturday, July 27

Toulouse Olympique v Dewsbury Rams

Sunday, July 28

Batley Bulldogs v Halifax Panthers

Doncaster v Barrow Raiders

Sheffield Eagles v Whitehaven

Wakefield Trinity v Featherstone Rovers

Widnes Vikings v Bradford Bulls

York v Swinton Lions

Round 18

Saturday, August 3 

Swinton Lions v Toulouse Olympique

Sunday, August 4

Barrow Raiders v Bradford Bulls

Dewsbury Rams v Wakefield Trinity

Featherstone Rovers v Batley Bulldogs

Halifax Panthers v York

Sheffield Eagles v Doncaster

Whitehaven v Widnes Vikings

Round 19

Friday, August 9

Wakefield Trinity v Sheffield Eagles

Saturday, August 10

Doncaster v Toulouse Olympique

Sunday, August 11

Batley Bulldogs v Swinton Lions

Bradford Bulls v Whitehaven

Halifax Panthers v Barrow Raiders

Widnes Vikings v Featherstone Rovers

York v Dewsbury Rams

Round 20

Friday, August 16

Sheffield Eagles v Batley Bulldogs

Saturday, August 17 

Toulouse Olympique v York

Sunday, August 18

Bradford Bulls v Featherstone Rovers

Dewsbury Rams v Barrow Raiders

Swinton Lions v Halifax Panthers

Wakefield Trinity v Widnes Vikings

Whitehaven v Doncaster

Round 21

Saturday, August 24

Featherstone Rovers v Toulouse Olympique

Sunday, August 25

Barrow Raiders v Swinton Lions

Dewsbury Rams v Whitehaven

Doncaster v Bradford Bulls

Halifax Panthers v Wakefield Trinity

Widnes Vikings v Sheffield Eagles

York v Batley Bulldogs

Round 22

Friday, August 30

Bradford Bulls v Dewsbury Rams

Saturday, August 31

Toulouse Olympique v Sheffield Eagles

Sunday, September 1

Batley Bulldogs v Widnes Vikings

Doncaster v Halifax Panthers

Featherstone Rovers v Barrow Raiders

Swinton Lions v Wakefield Trinity

Whitehaven v York

Round 23

Saturday, September 7

Barrow Raiders v Toulouse Olympique

Sunday, September 8 

Batley Bulldogs v Doncaster

Halifax Panthers v Dewsbury Rams

Sheffield Eagles v Bradford Bulls

Swinton Lions v Featherstone Rovers

Wakefield Trinity v Whitehaven

Widnes Vikings v York

Round 24

Saturday, September 14

Toulouse Olympique v Halifax Panthers

Sunday, September 15 

Barrow Raiders v Whitehaven

Bradford Bulls v Batley Bulldogs

Dewsbury Rams v Swinton Lions

Doncaster v Widnes Vikings

Featherstone Rovers v Sheffield Eagles

Wakefield Trinity v York

Round 25

Saturday, September 21

Featherstone Rovers v Dewsbury Rams

Wakefield Trinity v Barrow Raiders

Widnes Vikings v Toulouse Olympique

Sunday, September 22

Batley Bulldogs v Whitehaven

Halifax Panthers v Bradford Bulls

Sheffield Eagles v York

Swinton Lions v Doncaster

Round 26

Saturday, September 28 

Toulouse Olympique v Batley Bulldogs

Sunday, September 29 

Barrow Raiders v Widnes Vikings

Bradford Bulls v Swinton Lions

Dewsbury Rams v Sheffield Eagles

Wakefield Trinity v Doncaster

Whitehaven v Halifax Panthers

York v Featherstone Rovers

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