Warrington captain Jack Hughes hails favourite player Sean O’Loughlin

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Jack Hughes Warrington SWpix

Photo: Alex Whitehead/SWpix

Warrington captain Jack Hughes is our latest guest on My Set of Six, where he talks about his favourite player Sean O’Loughlin and his favourite memory.

We’re asking you, the fans, plus players, coaches and other rugby league personalities to give us their answers to our set of six questions.

This week, Warrington captain Jack Hughes answered our six questions…

Favourite away ground?

MKM Stadium Hull

I like playing away at Hull FC. I like the stadium. But for me, it is not the stadium what makes it, it is the atmosphere. There’s a few stadiums I don’t like! But as long as there’s a good number of fans in there I don’t mind where I’m playing.

Favourite player?

Sean O'Loughlin Wigan

Sean O’Loughlin. I’ve played with him and against him. I’ve got massive respect for him. Just the way he played the game… He can play as a forward and the next minute could play as a half-back. His skillset was great, he was tough and a great all-rounder.

Favourite memory?

Chris Hill and Jack Hughes Warrington 2019 Challenge Cup

My most recent one is probably the Challenge Cup in 2019. It was a great time and great celebrations. We were the underdogs so it was a massive win for us.

My debut was a massive one too. It was something I always wanted to do so to achieve that was a great memory as well.

Worst memory?

Warrington captain Jack Hughes SWpix
Photo: Alex Whitehead / SWpix

I’ll give you another boring answer, I don’t really have one! I try to keep positive whether that be win, lose or draw or even injury. I do something I love at the end of the day so I just try and stay positive and always look forward.

Best match you’ve seen?

Warrington Wolves celebrate 2019 Challenge Cup win

Tough question, I can’t remember. My memory is awful!

Your wish for the future of rugby league?

Adam Hills Channel 4 Super League SWpix
Photo: Simon Wilkinson / SWpix

I just want the game to keep growing. I want the game to still be here in 20 years for the next generation coming through. Hopefully the game will be in a much better place with players getting paid more and looked after and that there’s a lot more fans watching games as well.

I think it is growing slowly. This Channel 4 thing is a great sign of growth and I genuinely believe that. It might take 10, 15 or 20 years but hopefully the game can be a lot more known than it is now.

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