Lebanon suspend 17 of their players following recent protests

Drew Darbyshire

The Lebanese Rugby League Federation has suspended 17 players following recent protests against the governing body.

In a statement released on the LRLF website, the players have been asked to appear before a misconduct panel  and have been suspended with immediate effect from all Lebanese rugby league activity pending the outcome of misconduct proceedings.

The protests against the LRLF saw Lebanon players cover up the logo of the governing body on their jerseys and were led by NRL stars Robbie Farah and Tim Mannah.

Parramatta ace Mitchell Moses – who did not play in the Cedars’ 58-14 defeat to Fiji at Leichhardt Oval – has also been suspended.

The misconduct panel will be independent in composition and chaired by an RLIF official to ensure transparency.

The players charged are: Adam Douehi, Toufic El Hajj, Michel El Tom, Ahmad Ellaz, Robbie Farah, Nick Kassis, Anthony Layoun, Michael Lichaa, Bilal Maarbani, Tim Mannah, Josh Mansour, Abbas Miski, Mitchell Moses, James Roumanos, Chris Saab, Ali Saad, George Yazbek.