Joe Philbin bigs up NHS after birth of first child during coronavirus pandemic

Drew Darbyshire

Warrington forward Joe Philbin says he has “so much respect” for the NHS after the birth of his first child during lockdown.

The 25-year-old wasn’t allowed to be with girlfriend Laura for part of her labour because of rules that have been introduced to hospitals due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Philbin rushed her to hospital and he was let in just in time for the birth of their son, Bobby Ray.

He said: “I had to push her through the door and then leave her.

“I could hear her screaming through the corridor, and it was so hard for me not to be there and I knew what she was going through as a first time mum.

“I was just shouting at her through the door to let her know that I was still there for her but they let me in soon enough and an hour later I had a son!”

Philbin, who has represented Great Britain and Ireland at international level, was full of praise for all the NHS workers currently on the frontline.

He added: “As soon as you get in the ward you have to put a mask on and fully sanitise your hands and arms, so they are being extra cautious.

“I suppose it is so hard for all the midwives and everyone who is working there because they don’t know if people are sticking to the guidelines.

“They really are doing it tough and I’ve got so much respect for them.”

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