Melbourne Storm fire Dolphins warning over Cameron Munster future

Michael Holland
Wayne Bennett Dolphins NRL PA

Wayne Bennett will coach the Dolphins in 2023

The Melbourne Storm have told the Dolphins and Cameron Munster’s management to forget about trying to negotiate an early release from his current contract.

Munster is under contract with the Storm until the end of 2023 and they want to keep him. However the playmaker is allowed to talk to rival clubs and the Dolphins are keen.

NRL rules stipulate that players can talk to other clubs. But they can only receive an offer when they enter the last 12 months of their contracts. In this case from 1st November 2022.

Melbourne Storm stand firm

Melbourne have made it clear they want Munster to extend in to 2024 and beyond. But he may have to take a pay cut on his current terms if he does want to stay.

The Dolphins would be willing keep him on the same kind of money if he opted to jump ship. Munster will be faced with a decision at some point down the line and it could go either way.

Wayne Bennett, who will coach the NRL’s latest addition, is desperate to get a marquee signing on board. Munster is now the top target after he missed out on the likes of Harry Grant.

Ideally he would want Munster for the start of 2023 when the Dolphins enter the NRL. However the Storm have said there is no chance of that happening.

Even if Munster opts to agree a deal with the Dolphins, he will be made to see out his current deal in Melbourne. There will be no early release according to Storm CEO Justin Rodski.

“Cameron’s a contracted player and a required player for the 2023 season,” Rodski told AAP. “He’s playing some really good footy and contributing really well to the team.

“The Melbourne Storm haven’t provided permission for Cameron Munster’s management to talk to other clubs about an early release.

“We’re not getting caught up in what’s been said or hasn’t been said. “We’re just focused on this year and next year and what happens after that? Well, we’ll wait and see.”

Trio join Dolphins

Kenny Bromwich, Jesse Bromwich and Felise Kaufusi have already agreed deals with the Dolphins. They will leave at the end of their contracts.

Brandon Smith is another player seeing out his contract this season before he joins the Roosters. The Storm want Munster to stay but will keep him until the end of 2023 regardless.

Munster will make the call but has been told if it is premierships he is after he should stay where he is.