Calls to take Magic Weekend to Dublin in near future

Drew Darbyshire

Ireland international Dec O’Donnell admits he would like to see a Magic Weekend taken to Dublin in the near future.

The Super League event was introduced in 2007 and has taken place each year since, with Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester, Newcastle and Liverpool having been the host cities.

Magic Weekend has been postponed this year due to the coronavirus pandemic – but Super League officials hope that the event can take place later in the year.

O’Donnell, who plays for Workington at club level, would like to see Dublin host the event in the future to help grow the game in the nation.

He said: “I’d say it wouldn’t do rugby league any harm in having a full-time or part-time team over in Dublin.

“You can make a weekend of it in Dublin and there is plenty of things to do over there.

“If you say to someone we’ve got a game over in Dublin this weekend then think of the amount of people that would go over there.

“A Magic Weekend in Dublin would be ideal in my opinion.

“I think the powers above should think about taking it there one year and they should have a good look at the game over there because there is some really good stuff going on regarding rugby league in Ireland right now.”

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