2024 Super League fixtures & results: Every one of the 162 regular season games listed

Ben Olawumi
Headingley, Leeds Rhinos, Wigan Warriors

A general view of play in a Super League clash at Headingley between Leeds Rhinos and Wigan Warriors - Alamy

The full fixture list for the 29th Super League season in 2024 has been revealed, with 162 games to take place over 27 rounds for the third year running.

Each club will again play 13 home games and 13 away games, with the addition of a Magic Weekend clash over the weekend of August 17 & 18.

Magic’ has been re-located ahead of 2024 and will take place at Elland Road, the home of Leeds United Football Club.

Ahead of the full release, the fixtures for Rounds One and Two in Super League were revealed, with each club able to let supporters know the details of their first home fixture and first away one too.

Clubs were also able to share their ‘Rivals Round’ fixtures, with those set to take place in Round Six.

Now, the full schedule has been locked in for the ‘regular season’, and every one of those 162 fixtures is listed for your viewing below.

The schedule for the play-offs is still to be confirmed, though we already know that the showpiece event that is the Super League Grand Final will take place on October 12 at Old Trafford.

This list will be kept updated regularly throughout the season with results and any fixture amendments.

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Round One

Thursday, February 15

Hull FC 0-22 Hull KR

Friday, February 16

Leeds Rhinos 22-16 Salford Red Devils

St Helens 40-4 London Broncos

Leigh Leopards 8-16 Huddersfield Giants

Saturday, February 17

Castleford Tigers 4-32 Wigan Warriors

Catalans Dragons 16-10 Warrington Wolves

Round Two

Thursday, February 22

Hull KR 22-12 Leeds Rhinos

Friday, February 23

London Broncos 0-34 Catalans Dragons

Warrington Wolves 36-10 Hull FC

Saturday, February 24

Huddersfield Giants 0-28 St Helens

Sunday, February 25

Salford Red Devils 26-22 Castleford Tigers

Tuesday, August 6

Wigan Warriors v Leigh Leopards (Postponed due to World Club Challenge in February, now rescheduled)

Round Three

Friday, March 1

Wigan Warriors 30-16 Huddersfield Giants

St Helens 12-4 Leigh Leopards

Warrington Wolves 30-8 Castleford Tigers

Saturday, March 2

Leeds Rhinos 18-10 Catalans Dragons

Salford Red Devils 17-10 Hull KR

Sunday, March 3

Hull FC 28-24 London Broncos

Round Four

Thursday, March 7

Hull KR 20-22 Warrington Wolves

Friday, March 8

St Helens 20-24 Salford Red Devils

Leigh Leopards 16-22 Leeds Rhinos

Castleford Tigers 8-50 Huddersfield Giants

Saturday, March 9

London Broncos 22-60 Wigan Warriors

Catalans Dragons 26-12 Hull FC

Round Five

Thursday, March 14

Salford Red Devils 12-22 Wigan Warriors

Friday, March 15

Leeds Rhinos 8-18 St Helens

Saturday, March 16

Hull FC 4-54 Leigh Leopards

Huddersfield Giants 12-24 Hull KR

Catalans Dragons 40-14 Castleford Tigers

Sunday, March 17

London Broncos 4-58 Warrington Wolves

Round Six (Rivals Round)

Thursday, March 28

Castleford Tigers 26-6 Leeds Rhinos

Friday, March 29

Hull KR 34-10 Hull FC

St Helens 12-4 Wigan Warriors

Saturday, March 30

Warrington Wolves 24-32 Catalans Dragons

Salford Red Devils 32-22 Leigh Leopards

Sunday, March 31

London Broncos 6-26 Huddersfield Giants

Round Seven

Thursday, April 4

Leigh Leopards 12-40 Wigan Warriors

Friday, April 5

Castleford Tigers 36-24 Salford Red Devils

Leeds Rhinos 8-34 Warrington Wolves

Hull KR 50-10 London Broncos

Saturday, April 6

Hull FC 22-56 Huddersfield Giants

Catalans Dragons 14-8 St Helens

Round Eight

Friday, April 19

Wigan Warriors 36-14 Castleford Tigers

Leeds Rhinos 24-30 Huddersfield Giants

St Helens 58-0 Hull FC

Saturday, April 20

Catalans Dragons 36-6 Hull KR

Warrington Wolves 16-14 Leigh Leopards

London Broncos 4-12 Salford Red Devils

Round Nine

Thursday, April 25

St Helens 13-12 Huddersfield Giants

Friday, April 26

Hull KR 26-10 Wigan Warriors

Castleford Tigers 40-0 London Broncos

Leigh Leopards 30-2 Catalans Dragons

Saturday, April 27

Salford Red Devils 17-12 Warrington Wolves

Sunday, April 28

Hull FC 12-18 Leeds Rhinos

Round 10

Thursday, May 2

Wigan Warriors 30-8 Catalans Dragons

Friday, May 3

Leeds Rhinos 46-8 London Broncos

Huddersfield Giants 16-18 Salford Red Devils

Warrington Wolves 24-6 Hull FC

Saturday, May 4

Hull KR 40-20 St Helens

Leigh Leopards 28-28 Castleford Tigers

Round 11

Thursday, May 9

Warrington Wolves 20-8 Hull KR

Friday, May 10

Castleford Tigers 4-60 St Helens

Leigh Leopards 40-12 Salford Red Devils

Saturday, May 11

Catalans Dragons 26-0 Leeds Rhinos

Huddersfield Giants 6-48 Wigan Warriors

Sunday, May 12

London Broncos 34-18 Hull FC

Round 12

Friday, May 24

Castleford Tigers 30-22 Hull FC

Huddersfield Giants 10-16 Leigh Leopards

St Helens 40-10 Leeds Rhinos

Saturday, May 25

Catalans Dragons 8-16 Warrington Wolves

Sunday, May 26

London Broncos 14-64 Hull KR

Salford Red Devils 6-26 Wigan Warriors

Round 13

Friday, May 31

Huddersfield Giants 24-18 Hull FC

St Helens 24-12 Catalans Dragons

Saturday, June 1

Warrington Wolves 18-19 Wigan Warriors

Leeds Rhinos 32-4 Castleford Tigers

Hull KR 12-0 Leigh Leopards

Sunday, June 2

Salford Red Devils 34-4 London Broncos

Round 14

Friday, June 14

Castleford Tigers 8-10 Wigan Warriors

Hull KR 32-6 Huddersfield Giants

Warrington Wolves 25-14 Salford Red Devils

Saturday, June 15

Hull FC 18-10 Leeds Rhinos

Catalans Dragons 2-10 Leigh Leopards

Sunday, June 16

London Broncos 6-52 St Helens

Round 15

Thursday, June 20

Castleford Tigers 12-13 Hull KR

Friday, June 21

Leeds Rhinos 18-10 Leigh Leopards

Wigan Warriors 36-0 London Broncos

Saturday, June 22

Hull FC v Warrington Wolves

Catalans Dragons v Huddersfield Giants

Sunday, June 23

Salford Red Devils v St Helens

Round 16

Friday, July 5

Wigan Warriors v Leigh Leopards

St Helens v Castleford Tigers

Warrington Wolves v Huddersfield Giants

Hull KR v Catalans Dragons

Saturday, July 6

Leeds Rhinos v London Broncos

Sunday, July 7

Salford Red Devils v Hull FC

Round 17

Friday, July 12

Wigan Warriors v St Helens

Warrington Wolves v Leeds Rhinos

London Broncos v Castleford Tigers

Saturday, July 13

Hull FC v Hull KR

Catalans Dragons v Salford Red Devils

Leigh Leopards v Huddersfield Giants

Round 18

Friday, July 19

Castleford Tigers v Catalans Dragons

Huddersfield Giants v Salford Red Devils

St Helens v Warrington Wolves

Leigh Leopards v London Broncos

Saturday, July 20

Hull FC v Wigan Warriors

Leeds Rhinos v Hull KR

Round 19

Friday, July 26

Wigan Warriors v Warrington Wolves

Huddersfield Giants v Leeds Rhinos

Hull KR v London Broncos

Leigh Leopards v St Helens

Saturday, July 27

Catalans Dragons v Hull FC

Salford Red Devils v Castleford Tigers

Round 20

Thursday, August 1

Castleford Tigers v Leigh Leopards

Wigan Warriors v Huddersfield Giants

Saturday, August 3

Warrington Wolves v Hull KR

Hull FC v St Helens

Salford Red Devils v Leeds Rhinos

Sunday, August 4

London Broncos v Catalans Dragons

Round 21

Friday, August 9

Huddersfield Giants v Catalans Dragons

Hull KR v Castleford Tigers

Saturday, August 10

Leeds Rhinos v Wigan Warriors

St Helens v Salford Red Devils

Sunday, August 11

Leigh Leopards v Hull FC

London Broncos v Warrington Wolves

Round 22 (Magic Weekend, Elland Road)

Saturday, August 17

Hull FC v London Broncos

Wigan Warriors v St Helens

Warrington Wolves v Leeds Rhinos

Sunday, August 18

Leigh Leopards v Salford Red Devils

Catalans Dragons v Hull KR

Huddersfield Giants v Castleford Tigers

Round 23

Friday, August 23

Castleford Tigers v Warrington Wolves

St Helens v Hull KR

Leeds Rhinos v Catalans Dragons

Saturday, August 24

Salford Red Devils v Huddersfield Giants

Sunday, August 25

London Broncos v Leigh Leopards

Wigan Warriors v Hull FC

Round 24

Friday, August 30

Hull KR v Salford Red Devils

Leigh Leopards v Warrington Wolves

Saturday, August 31

Catalans Dragons v Wigan Warriors

Hull FC v Castleford Tigers

Sunday, September 1

Huddersfield Giants v St Helens

London Broncos v Leeds Rhinos

Round 25

Friday, September 6

Castleford Tigers v Leigh Leopards

Wigan Warriors v Hull KR

Warrington Wolves v St Helens

Leeds Rhinos v Hull FC

Saturday, September 7

Salford Red Devils v Catalans Dragons

Sunday, September 8

Huddersfield Giants v London Broncos

Round 26

Friday, September 13

Wigan Warriors v Leeds Rhinos

St Helens v Castleford Tigers

Leigh Leopards v Hull KR

Saturday, September 14

Catalans Dragons v London Broncos

Hull FC v Salford Red Devils

Sunday, September 15

Huddersfield Giants v Warrington Wolves

Round 27

Friday, September 20

Wigan Warriors v Salford Red Devils

Huddersfield Giants v Castleford Tigers

Hull FC v Catalans Dragons

Hull KR v Leeds Rhinos

Leigh Leopards v St Helens

Warrington Wolves v London Broncos

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