Blackpool booted out of league


Blackpool Panthers RLFC have had their membership of the RFL cancelled and will take no part in the 2011 Co-operative Championship after they failed to meet a deadline from the game’s governing body.

The club, which went into administration in early October, was poised to present plans for their participation in Championship One on Thursday November 11 however no information was forthcoming from officials.

RFL Chief Operating Officer Ralph Rimmer commented: “The RFL has done everything possible to ensure the continuing involvement of Blackpool Panthers in Co-operative Championship One and we had every hope that a credible plan would be presented.

“Despite a flexible approach to deadlines and ongoing support from the RFL as well as a commitment from the club’s representatives right up to the last minute that a plan would be forthcoming, we have received notification that no proposal will be presented.

“With plans for the 2011 season at an advanced stage we have had no choice but to regretfully decide to cancel their membership.”