58% of fans in favour of more overseas clubs

James Gordon

A poll run by the official OuRLeague app has revealed that 58% of fans would like to see more overseas club join the RFL competitions.

With the news that Ottawa and New York have been accepted to join League One from 2020/21, the number of overseas clubs in the three leagues is to increase to five.

One of the recent polls on the OuRLeague app asked fans for their views on more overseas clubs joining, giving four options:

  • I strongly agree – 23.4%
  • I agree – 34.2%
  • I disagree – 22.2%
  • I strongly disagree – 20.2%

A total of 1,474 fans cast their vote on the app, which regularly asks for fans opinions on topics – including try of the week and the Super League moment of the month.