“Talking points” promised in new Castleford rugby league legends book

Neil Barraclough

Rugby league author and journalist Phil Hodgson admits he won’t please everybody with his new book 20 Legends: Castleford Rugby League.

Hodgson told Rugby League Books: “Picking out 20 of Castleford’s finest ever players was a difficult task. I’m sure there’ll be a couple of talking points about who I’ve selected and who’s not in there.”

The new release is scheduled to hit British bookshops on March 12, 20111.

It will be Hodgson’s fourth title with publishers Vertical Editions, following on from Headingley Heroes, Odsal Odysseys: The History of Bradford Rugby League and High Ambitions.

“The idea came from Karl Waddicor at Vertical, but it’s just the type of book I enjoy doing,” said Hodgson. “I like doing a bit of research, pottering away in the library and pulling things together.

“I live near Castleford and they’re a well-known club throughout rugby league who’ve had plenty of fine players over the years. It was just a case of rooting through old records, newspapers and talking to players. I spoke to a lot of people who have been involved with the club for a long time, and that really gave me something to go on.”

Now Hodgson is eagerly awaiting his first glimpse of the finished product.

He said: “The final manuscript went in December. I’m looking forward to reading it because there’s a lot in there I’ll have forgotten about by the time it comes out!”

20 Legends: Castleford Rugby League’, by Phil Hodgson, is released on March 12, 2011. ISBN 978-1904091400, published by Vertical Editions. It is available to order here.