Sharks sack wayward Seymour

Cronulla have torn up halfback Brett Seymour‘s contract following his latest indiscretion involving alcohol.

While details of the incident are sketchy, it is understood that the 24-year-old took part in a drinking binge at a popular Cronulla bar at the weekend.

The breach follows an incident in March when mobile phone footage emerged showing Seymour  stumbling through the streets of Cronulla, clearly intoxicated.

Sharks officials suspended Seymour, ordered him to pay a fine of $20,000 and undertake a alcohol rehabilitation program.

Sharks Chief Executive Richard Fisk said Seymour had blown his last chance.

He told AAP:

“Brett had been served with two previous breaches, the club has worked very closely with him with counselling and support and sometimes you draw a line in the sand.”

“We made it very clear that the club was going to become transparent under its new board and we had to make the decision.”

Cronulla’s tough stance was matched by the NRL, who have prevented Seymour joining a rival club.

“Certainly in the case of Brett the NRL would need to be convinced that it was in both the player’s best interests and the game’s best interests that he move to another club and our current view is that Brett would not be accepted for registration for some time,”  said NRL Chief David Gallop.

“There have been a number of players who have proven that they can benefit from another chance but clubs need to accept that they take on a huge responsibility in this area.”

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