Quiz: Can you name every club in the RFL’s professional game?

There are 37 clubs in the RFL’s professional game – and we want to know if you can name them all within 10 minutes.

Super League has 12 clubs, the Championship has 14 and there are 11 in League 1.

We’ve given you one of the clubs with our featured image of 2019 Super League champions St Helens, so you have to try and figure out the other 36 clubs. No cheating!


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  1. Good quiz, 78%, I couldn’t remember some of the nicknames, that would have got me into the 90% range. But a couple I’d plain forgot. Good quiz, I enjoyed the challenge of this one.

  2. Fun quiz, I enjoyed the brain strain.
    Much easier than trying to name every country with a RLIF ranking. I just have to apologize to Doncaster for being the forgotten team.

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