Leigh coach feels rugby league would benefit from return of licensing

Kurt Haggerty has been Leigh's interim head coach since June

Leigh caretaker coach Kurt Haggerty feels the return of licensing would be the best avenue for rugby league to go down.

A working party has been set-up to look at ways of taking the game forward by examining the game’s calendar and structures. Rugby Football League chief executive Ralph Rimmer, RFL chief regulatory officer Karen Moorhouse and Super League officials Gary Hetherington (Leeds), Paul Lakin (Hull KR), Eamonn McManus (St Helens) and Stuart Middleton (Warrington) make up the working party panel.

Interim Super League chairman Ken Davy recently confirmed at a media briefing that clubs have agreed to remain at 12 clubs ahead of next season, meaning Leigh have been relegated and will play in the Championship in 2022.

In the same press call, Davy confirmed that talks are ongoing for a re-structure of the competition from 2023, with a proposal for two divisions of 10 clubs on the table.

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Leigh caretaker coach Kurt Haggerty believes rugby league would benefit most from the return of licensing.

“For me, I’d probably say licensing (would be the best way forward),” Haggerty said at his weekly press conference last week.

“Give someone a go, give them a chance, give them a three-year plan and let them build appropriately to be successful – not just dip in and out and have the same players circulating the same regions in the league. Stick with something, stop changing it. I think the time is now to do it.

“There is such uncertainty around the game… I think the time’s now for drastic change. Whatever we go with, just stick with it.

“Whatever we come up with – as long as its sustainable and there’s a three to five-year plan where teams can build – I’ll be happy. I just don’t want the game to fall to the wayside and keep constantly changing things. Come up with something and stick with it then we can all adapt and move forward with it.

“I don’t think the spectacle itself has ever been in doubt. It’s just the uncertainty, lack of clarity and constant change within the game… but the spectacle – it’s the best game in the world for me.”

Haggerty also confirmed that Scotland international Matty Russell has played his last game for the club after suffering a broken hand at Magic Weekend.

Super League clubs have agreed to hand over in excess of £5million to the Rugby Football League for 2022 as talks continue on a re-alignment with the governing body.

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  1. Going with 10 club leagues is pathetic. It should be a14 club super league with 2 up 2 Down . The administrators are destroying our beautiful game .

  2. Hi the most exciting time for me was the super 8’s go back to that but maybe go to super 4 bottom 2 from super league and top 2 from championship play home away and also let people like Derrick Beaumont and co put as much as they like into there club as long as they uk based players.

  3. Expand the SL to 14 x clubs, each club playing each other home and away = 26 games.
    With the current system each club plays 25 games with the idiotic loop fixtures included.
    Instead of Magic weekend there could be a 7’s or 9’s comp over a weekend at a venue to be decided.
    Sky money should be distributed equally amongst all SL clubs, and owners be allowed to invest further to sign as Anthony Sherman stated UK based players.
    Promotion to be decided with a Middle 8’s, 2 up 2 down.

  4. Super 8s was daft in my opinion.
    Until we have more money in game to allow full time 2nd tier, 2 up 2 down isn’t fair. A owner bankrolling FT team for a season to beat the PT clubs to SL isn’t a big enough challenge to be rewarded a SL place.
    2 leagues of 10 FT is much better. More money from Sky for bigger competition, distributed between the 2 leagues.
    Or just go back to licensing to give clubs a chance to build in SL. Love to see Leigh to be allowed to build in SL.

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