Super League to remain a 12-team competition in 2022

Interim Super League chairman Ken Davy has confirmed that clubs have agreed to remain a 12-team competition in 2022.

Davy confirmed that the clubs have agreed to remain at 12 clubs ahead of next season, which effectively means that Leigh are relegated, having won just one of their 19 matches so far.

“The principle of promotion and relegation hasn’t changed,” said Davy, who says the Centurions will be eligible for a parachute payment.

Davy also confirmed talks are ongoing for a restructure of the competition from 2023, with a proposal for two divisions of 10 clubs on the table.

“I believe there does need to be significant change,” he said. “We’ve got a tremendous product and we need to widen the appeal of the sport.

“I produced a paper about six years ago that was based on promoting essentially three leagues of 10 and so one can see a lot of logic in two divisions of 10.

“In an ideal world, we want to have a structure that gives the ability for promotion and relegation to take place more easily with less draconian impact, particularly on the part of the relegated club.”

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Davy says a domestic calendar has been provisionally drawn up for 2022, which will take into account the re-arranged World Cup next October and November.

The calendar, which is likely to see a return to the traditional Easter double header, is due to be revealed in Grand Final week in early October.

More immediately, Davy says Super League is bracing itself for bumper crowds for the Dacia Magic Weekend, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday in Newcastle.

The event was cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic and put back from May in the hope of attracting an unlimited attendance which, after two successive disruption-free weekends, looks set to be the case.

Officials are not expecting to reach the 40,871 that watched the Saturday of the 2015 event or the record aggregate of 68,276 set in 2016 but are looking to draw between 50,000 and 60,000 fans to St James’ Park.

“The return of crowds has been sluggish but all the indications I’m seeing are positive,” Davy said.

“We underestimate the excitement the Magic Weekend generates amongst the players, the coaches and the supporters. I am not aware of another event in sport that can match it.”


  1. Really! more of the same? Loop fixtures again! Will they really let Tolouse in? Yet again they will be telling us what we want to watch when and how often, instead of listening to the sounds of all the people giving up on RL.

  2. It needs to go to 16 teams or alternatively if it is leagues of 10 then clubs should play the teams in their league home and away with a further 5 home and 5 away matches against th3 other league. I’m sick of the loop fixtures but as a Wigan fan trips to York, Bradford Halifax etc would be a welcome change.

    • 16 teams gives 31fixtures which is too many but 14 teams gives 27.
      The SL and RFL are killing the game with their loop fixtures and rule changes. Rimmer always was useless.
      Championship is good but rules state clubs have to play 70% of fixtures and RFL will let Toulouse in play offs despite only a maximum of 59%. Will SL take a second French club? All the extra travel expence for no extra money for the money mad SL but the championship clubs had to.

  3. I just don’t get the idea of ten team leagues. Isn’t the thinking these days towards growing the game and attracting more spectators and outside money via sponsors? Well if the thought of teams playing each other possibly 5 or 6 times a season is supposed to attract viewers then I’m a Dutch man.( I’m from Batley BTW) ha ha.
    I also think that Leigh have been given the mucky end of the stick after they stepped in at the eleventh to save the blushes of super league but effectively had one hand tied behind their backs from the off.
    Shame on you all who are in charge of super league. You should be ashamed of the way you’ve let down our great sport once again.

  4. I agree with both tony and Ian’s comments regarding the demise of the game caused by the idiotic ideology of the rfl and super league and there constant changing back to what has already failed but what do we all expect with Captain Rimmer at the helm and by the way does anyone know where he is?

  5. I would have a 14 team Super League with two up and two down. I would have the top team as Champions with the play offs scrapped. The play off structure just sees the leading clubs doing what they have to do in preparation for the play offs. Top team Champions leaves no margin for error. In their place I suggest the top four could play the top four from Australia in a Super Cup prior to each season. Straight knockout over three weekends. It may mean some clubs traveling across the World for one game but that happens now with the World Club Challenge. The battle for the top four would be akin to the battle for Champions League places in Football.
    I would also take Super League off Sky and get it on BBC. It exists in an almost alternate universe at present and Sky use it as filler. Look at the viewing figures for Sport on BBC and the extra interest it generates in other sports.

  6. The beeb would want them to play sat/sun afternoons, it’s never going to happen. They will still be playing matches in direct opposition to the TV schedule, even the football Premier league avoids this.The spectalce is becoming nothing more than a bargathon, slow and low skilled with no variety.

  7. The beeb would want them to play sat/sun afternoons, it’s never going to happen. They will still be playing matches in direct opposition to the TV schedule, even the football Premier league avoids this.The spectalce is becoming nothing more than a bargathon, slow, low skilled with no variety.

  8. After two seasons of massive disruption due to Covid 19, I’m curious to know where and when all this evidence has been gathered that the game is in need of yet another revamp of the rugby league. If people are being driven away, maybe it’s the constant chopping and changing of the structure which is doing it. I fear this may be an instance of the “doctors” killing the patient.

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