Full list of International Rugby League world rankings for men, women & wheelchair

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The International Rugby League (IRL) has revealed the latest world rankings for men, women and wheelchair nations.

The world rankings are calculated on each nation’s performance over the current season and the three preceding seasons.

Points are awarded to each team for each match based on:

  • The result of the match i.e. win, lose or draw
  • The margin of victory (or defeat) – the larger the winning margin the greater the value to the rankings
  • The relative strength of opposition faced – if you play a higher ranked team that is of greater value than playing a lower ranked team
  • The date of the match – more recent matches are weighted more heavily – a result in the most recent 2 years is worth double a result 3 years ago and 4 times a result that is 4 years old
  • The importance of the match – World Cup matches are ranked top followed in order by World Cup qualifiers, regional championships and one-off international matches

The points are then used to create the official world rankings by ordering the teams by virtue of the points gained over the four-year period.

Australia sit top of the men’s and women’s world rankings following their World Cup success.

Meanwhile in the wheelchair game, England have leapfrogged rivals France to go top after winning the World Cup final on home soil.

International Rugby League world rankings:


1. Australia

2. New Zealand

3. Samoa

4. England

5. Tonga

6. Papua New Guinea

7. Fiji

8. Lebanon

9. France

10. Wales

11. Ireland

12. Cook Islands

13. Jamaica

14. Italy

15. Serbia

16. Greece

17. Scotland

18. Netherlands

19. Malta

20. Turkey

21. Germany

22. Brazil

23. Chile

24. Nigeria

25. South Africa

26. Ghana

27. Czech Republic

28. Ukraine

29. Philippines

30. Poland

31. Cameroon

32. Kenya

33. Spain

34. Bulgaria

35. Norway

36. Colombia

27. Hungary

38. USA

39. Montenegro

40. Bosnia and Herzegovina

41. Solomon Islands

42. Sweden

43. Morocco

44. Canada

45. Japan

46. Vanuatu

47. El Salvador

48. Belgium

49. Denmark

50. Latvia

51. Argentina


1. Australia

2. New Zealand

3. England

4. Papua New Guinea

5. France

6. Cook Islands

7. Canada

8. Ireland

9. Wales

10. Brazil

11. Greece

12. Serbia

13. Turkey

14. Italy

15. Tonga

16. Malta

17. USA

18. Fiji

19. Philippines

20. Samoa

21. Lebanon

22. Arentina


1. England

2. France

3. Australia

4. Wales

5. Ireland

6. Scotland

7. Spain

8. USA

9. Italy

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