French Elite Championship 2020/21 fixtures revealed

James Gordon

The French Magic Weekend will take place on November 21/22 as round four of the new Elite 1 Championship season.

After the 2019/20 season was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the same 10 teams will once again line-up – including Catalans Dragons’ reserve side St Esteve and Toulouse.

The reigning champions are St Esteve, who beat Carcassonne in the Championship Final in 2019.

When last season was stopped, after round 12, Limoux were top of the pile with 10 wins – ahead of St Esteve, Albi and Lezignan. Carcassonne were struggling down in seventh with just four wins, while Toulouse had lost all 12 of their matches.

Last year’s French Magic Weekend was held in Carcassonne, and marked the first round of the season.

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French Elite 1 Championship 2020/21 Fixtures

Round 1 – October 30/November 1
Toulouse v St Gaudens
Limoux v St Esteve
Carcassonne v Albi
Avignon v Lezignan
Villeneue v Palau

Round 2 – November 7/8
St Esteve v Toulouse
Lezignan v Villeneuve
Albi v Avignon
St Gaudens v Carcassonne
Palau v Limoux

Round 3 – November 14/15
Toulouse v Palau
Limoux v Lezignan
Carcassonne v St Esteve
St Gaudens v Albi
Villeneuve v Avignon

Round 4 – November 21/22 (Magic Weekend)
Limoux v St Esteve
Albi v Lezignan
Villeneuve v Avignon
Carcassonne v St Gaudens
Palau v Toulouse

Round 5 – December 5/6
St Esteve v St Gaudens
Avignon v Limoux
Lezignan v Toulouse
Albi v Villeneuve
Palau v Carcassonne

Round 6 – December 12/13
Toulouse v Avignon
Limoux v Villeneuve
St Esteve v Albi
Carcassonne v Lezignan
St Gaudens v Palau

Round 7 – December 19/20
Avignon v Carcassonne
Lezignan v St Gaudens
Albi v Limoux
Palau v St Esteve
Villeneuve v Toulouse

Round 8 – January 9/10
Toulouse v Limoux
St Esteve v Lezignan
Carcassonne v Villeneuve
St Gaudens v Avignon
Palau v Albi

Round 9 – January 16/17
Toulouse v Albi
Limoux v Carcassonne
Avignon v St Esteve
Lezignan v Palau
Villeneuve v St Gaudens

Round 10 – January 30/31
St Esteve v Villeneuve
Carcassonne v Toulouse
Albi v Lezignan
St Gaudens v Limoux
Palau v Avignon

Round 11 – February 6/7
St Gaudens v Toulouse
St Esteve v Limoux
Albi v Carcassonne
Lezignan v Avignon
Palau v Villeneuve

Round 12 – February 13/14
Toulouse v St Esteve
Villeneuve v Lezignan
Avignon v Albi
Carcassonne v St Gaudens
Limoux v Palau

Round 13 – February 27/28
Palau v Toulouse
Lezignan v Limoux
St Esteve v Carcassonne
Albi v St Gaudens
Avignon v Villeneuve

Round 14 – March 20/21
St Gaudens v St Esteve
Limoux v Avignon
Toulouse v Lezignan
Villeneuve v Albi
Carcassonne v Palau

Round 15 – March 27/28
Avignon v Toulouse
Villeneuve v Limoux
Albi v St Esteve
Lezignan v Carcassonne
Palau v St Gaudens

Round 16 – April 10/11
Carcassonne v Avignon
St Gaudens v Lezignan
Limoux v Albi
St Esteve v Palau
Toulouse v Villeneuve

Round 17 – April 17/18
Limoux v Toulouse
Lezignan v St Esteve
Villeneuve v Carcassonne
Avignon v St Gaudens
Albi v Palau

Round 18 – May 8/9
Albi v Toulouse
Carcassonne v Limoux
St Esteve v Avignon
Palau v Lezignan
St Gaudens v Villeneuve

Round 19 – May 15/16
Villeneuve v St Esteve
Toulouse v Carcassonne
Lezignan v Albi
Limoux v St Gaudens
Avignon v Palau

Elite 1 Play-off Eliminators – May 29/30
Elite 1 Play-off Semi-finals – June 5/6
Elite 1 Championship Final – June 19/20
President’s Match – January 23/24
Lord Derby Cup Quarter Finals – April 3/4
Lord Derby Cup Semi Finals – April 24/25
Lord Derby Cup Final – May 22/23

French Elite 2 Championship Fixtures 2020/21

Round 1 – October 3/4
Pia v Lescure
Toulon v Ille
Carpentras v Lyon
VARL v Villefranche
Entraigues v Baho

Round 2 – October 10/11
Villefranche v Pia
Baho v Salon
Ille v Entraigues
Lescure v Toulon
Lyon v VARL

Round 3 – October 17/18
Toulon v Pia
Carpentras v Baho
Entraigues v Lescure
Salon v Ille
Lyon v Villefranche

Round 4 – October 24/25
Villefranche v Toulon
Pia v Entraigues
Baho v VARL
Ille v Carpentras
Lescure v Salon

Round 5 – November 7/8
Carpentras v Lescure
VARL v Ille
Entraigues v Toulon
Salon v Pia
Lyon v Baho

Round 6 – November 14/15
Villefranche v Entraigues
Pia v Carpentras
Toulon v Salon
Ille v Lyon
Lescure v VARL

Round 7 – November 28/29
Carpentras v Toulon
Baho v Villefranche
VARL v Pia
Salon v Entraigues
Lyon v Lescure

Round 8 – December 5/6
Villefranche v Salon
Pia v Lyon
Toulon v VARL
Ille v Baho
Entraigues v Carpentras

Round 9 – December 12/13
Carpentras v Salon
Baho v Lescure
Ille v Villefranche
VARL v Entraigues
Lyon v Toulon

Round 10 -December 19/20
Pia v Baho
Carpentras v Villefranche
Entraigues v Lyon
Lescure v Ille
Salon v VARL

Round 11 – January 9/10
Villefranche v Lescure
Baho v Toulon
Ille v Pia
VARL v Carpentras
Lyon v Salon

Round 12 – January 16/17
Lescure v Pia
Ille v Toulon
Lyon v Carpentras
Villefranche v VARL
Baho v Entraigues

Round 13 – January 30/31
Pia v Villefranche
Salon v Baho
Entraigues v Ille
Toulon v Lescure
VARL v Lyon

Round 14 – February 6/7
Pia v Toulon
Baho v Carpentras
Lescure v Entraigues
Ille v Salon
Villefranche v Lyon

Round 15 – February 13/14
Toulon v Villefranche
Entraigues v Pia
VARL v Baho
Carpentras v Ille
Salon v Lescure

Round 16 – March 6/7
Lescure v Carpentras
Ille v VARL
Toulon v Entraigues
Pia v Salon
Baho v Lyon

Round 17 – March 27/28
Entraigues v Villefranche
Carpentras v Pia
Salon v Toulon
Lyon v Ille
VARL v Lescure

Round 18 – April 10/11
Toulon v Carpentras
Villefranche v Baho
Pia v VARL
Entraigues v Salon
Lescure v Lyon

Round 19 – April 17/18
Salon v Fillefranche
Lyon v Pia
VARL v Toulon
Baho v Ille
Carpentras v Entraigues

Round 20 – May 1/2
Salon v Carpentras
Lescure v Baho
Villefranche v Ille
Entraigues v VARL
Toulon v Lyon

Round 21 – May 8/9
Baho v Pia
Villefranche v Carpentras
Lyon v Entraigues
Ille v Lescure
VARL v Salon

Round 22 – May 15/16
Lescure v Villefranche
Toulon v Baho
Pia v Ille
Carpentras v VARL
Salon v Lyon

Elite 2 Championship Final – June 5/6