Free play rule scrapped

James Gordon

The free play rule is to be scrapped, the RFL have revealed in a number of law amendments for the 2019 season.

Instead, the old regular advantage rule will return, and the referee will be the sole judge of what constitutes an advantage, be it tactical or territorial.

Championship and League 1 clubs have resisted the introduction of golden point, which is still expected to be given the green light for implementation in Super League.

Golden point will be used to settle drawn games in play-off matches, Challenge Cup ties and the new 1895 cup.

The number of interchanges to be used by each team will reduced to eight, from the four replacements used on the team sheet.

These changes have been confirmed by the RFL and follow last month’s Super League announcement that they wanted to make changes subject to approval by the governing body.

Other proposed changes in the top flight include the introduction of a shot clock at scrums, drop-outs and conversions to reduce time wasting.