Wigan to host Pride Day when they take on Israel Folau’s Catalans

Wigan have confirmed their round six game against Catalans on March 22 will now be Pride Day, with the Warriors looking to support the LGBTQ+ community. 

The “Pride Day” confirmation follows the announcement of Israel Folau’s signature at Catalans.

Folau was sacked by Australia Rugby in December after he was released for writing homophobic posts on social media in April.

Wigan’s game against Catalans will see the club’s players wear rainbow socks and the players will wear rainbow laces for the game, with the club inviting LGBTQ+ groups, both locally and nationally, to be part of the day.

Warriors executive director, Kris Radlinski, said: “Here at Wigan Warriors we are committed to the core values of inclusion and respect.

“Our community foundation have a long history of supporting local LGBTQ+ groups and initiatives, and we want everyone who engages with our game to feel welcome, valued and most of all, respected.

“Rugby league has a strong history of inclusion, of breaking down barriers and of being a forward thinking sport.

“I think that today more than any day that it is vitally important we reiterate that message. We’re looking forward to working with charities, local and hopefully national groups, to make this day a success.”

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  1. WHAAAAAAT a pathetic move from Wigan!!LOOOOOL
    They know they got no chance against Folau so they’re trying some psychological triggers! This should be forbidden by the Federation. They’re such a shame…using LGBTQ cause to win the game.
    Hey Wigan! You can TRY to come at KING FOLAU, but you’ll never make it! He’s been through worse than you hahahaha

  2. Wigan’s actions are cowardly. Well done Folau for speaking out against this idiotic, witch-hunt, political correctness gone mad world. Well done to Catalans for signing him.

  3. It’s quite dispiriting to see any reaction to this story that criticises Wigan’s position, especially any implication that it’s some sort of attempt to gain an on-field advantage. You have to wonder if anyone with such a mindset is more representative of rugby league’s future or its past.

    It’s 2020 and – if you hadn’t noticed – the game can ill-afford any accusation that it’s not including all parts of the community. You may not recognise that the LGBTQ+ world exists, has a right to representation and consideration – or that many of the game’s *customers* are from that community. It’s nothing to do with political correctness and even if it’s commercially-driven, it’s still the most ethically justifiable position.

    The Falou signing would be significant enough, given his achievements but his comments have made him a rather toxic PR commodity and unfortunately, RL needs all the good PR it can get. I wouldn’t blame the RFL or SL for being very dismayed at Catalans for inflicting this negative story on the sport but it does also create opportunities to respond with positivity. I’m so proud that Wigan have done exactly that and I really hope every other SL club follows suit for their home fixtures against the Dragons.

    Let’s see from the crowd at the DW just how much positivity can come from this…

  4. A bit of contradiction when Wigan took on a full back that had been banned for 5 matches for homophobic abuse oh and the drugs ban too….

  5. How are wigan being cowardly??? They are supporting inclusion
    He should have learnt some self control. Private views should be kept private

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