We met by luck: Josh McGuire on “chance” meeting with Warrington CEO Karl Fitzpatrick

Josh McAllister
Josh McGuire. PA Images

Josh McGuire has explained how an unplanned conversation with Warrington CEO Karl Fitzpatrick later led to his signature on a two-year deal with the Super League side. 

Fitzpatrick was attending the NRL’s Magic Round last season in Brisbane, which turned into an opportunity for McGuire to make the move to the other side of the world with his wife and three children. 

The Australia and Samoa international enjoyed 14 seasons in the NRL, having made his debut in 2009 with Brisbane Broncos before going on to represent North Queensland Cowboys and St George Illawarra Dragons.

McGuire also revealed that he had options to extend his stay in the NRL, but the 33-year-old forward insists he has always been open to the idea of a Super League move.

Josh McGuire: It was a chance meeting

“It’s a great opportunity for me, my wife and kids to see the another part of the world. I’m very fortunate,” McGuire told Love Rugby League.  

“It was kind of a chance meeting between me and Karl Fitzpatrick at the NRL’s Magic Round in Australia. 

“He wasn’t there to sign me, but we kind of just met by luck. I was having coffee with a few lads and we just got on talking. 

“I think our philosophies and our football matched. We talked Super League, and I’d like to think I have a good understandings of the clubs, the players and the style of footy. 

“It kind of just matched up. Talking happened, and it went on from there. They were there to sign someone else, I think it was Paul Vaughan, and to look at a few others. 

“I was going to stay in the NRL. At the time, I was talking to the Dragons to stay on there, and I had a few other opportunities to go to some other clubs and back to Queensland as well. It was just chance.

“When you get to 33, which I am next year, it’s one-year deals in the NRL. I was very excited when Warrington came in. We have our house back in Brisbane which we’ll eventually move back to, and that’s where I’m from and my family is there. 

“We had every intention to move back there, or do another year in Sydney. But we got talking, and I didn’t want to leave it too late either.

“I watch Super League regularly”

“If I didn’t do it this year, I probably wouldn’t have done it, but I’ve always wanted to do it. 

“It was something on the list. If I didn’t go to the Dragons, I probably would have come over straight from the Cowboys. But the Dragons have Anthony Griffin who I’m close friends with, and he was my head coach there, we’re very tight.

“I watch Super League regularly. I knew what I was getting myself into and who I was coming up against and the strengths of different clubs. 

“The cultural history of the different clubs and the local derbies, I feel like I have a decent knowledge of the game over here.”

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