Wales bounce back in Student Four Nations

Wales bounced back from their 32-12 defeat to England on Monday to come back from behind to beat the tournament’s hosts 40-18 in the second game of the Student Home Nations.

The match got off to a physical start with the Scots taking hits and being pinned in their own 20 metres but solid defence kept the Welsh at bay before Scotland‘s Sam Bingham made a hit and was held down for a penalty to Scotland.

And after Wales conceded another penalty this allowed winger Roddy Jonas to use his pace and score in the corner to give Scotland an early lead. Saddler missed the conversion.

Scotland scored again from the re-start when Jordan Rice broke the Welsh line before offloading to put Roddy Jonas in for his second. Saddler converted to give Scotland a 10-0 lead.

Wales re-started the match and Scotland conceded first of their 19 penalties. This was for off side on their own 10 metre line that allowed Jon Trickey to bulldoze over the line with Scott Amber converting.

Scotland forced an error from Wales off the re-start and were awarded a scrum. Their pressure paid off after quick hands from Fee, an excellent offload from Mike Stewart put Aiden Oakley over for the score. Saddler missed the conversion.

Scotland put themselves under more pressure with knock ons in their own half but managed to hold the Welsh out. However, more Scottish unforced errors allowed Wales to power over the Scottish line through Adam Ramsden with Amber adding the extras to bring Wales within two points.

Scotland conceded penalties for offside which allowed Wales to get a roll on and allowing Luke Warner score in the far corner, Amber added the extras giving Wales a 18-14 lead.

Then Wales were awarded two quick fire penalties and opted to take the two points which Amber kicked to give Wales a half time lead of 20-14.

Wales struck first in the second half when Scotland gave away a penalty that Wales spun wide to Zac Cotton who jinxed his way through the Scottish scramble defence. Amber missed the conversion.

Scotland gave away yet another penalty and Wales camped in the Scotland half before another penalty was given for flopping. Amber took the two points to increase Wales lead to 26-14 before Amber kicking another to make it 28-14.

Scotland finally managed to gain some decent field position and Crawford Matthews dived over in the corner to close the gap to 28-18.

But Wales worked the ball well in-field before Owen Griffiths took an offload to score under the posts. Amber converted to increase Wales‘ lead to 34-18.

Wales weren’t finished yet. Scotland knocked on the ball on the Welsh 20 metre line allowing Dermot Dooley to take the ball wide and slide through a tired Scottish defence to seal the match with Amber adding the extras.

England earlier beat Ireland 52-6 to as good as seal the title for a second year in a row.

Wales take on Ireland on Friday at 5pm with the England v Scotland clash completing things at 7pm. All games are being held in Glasgow.


1. Aiden Oakley
2. Roddy Jonas
3. Marc Kellet
4. Richard Knight
5. Crawford Matthews
6. Stuart Fee
7. Gregor Porteous
8. Colin Jarvis
9. Tom Saddler
10. Sam Bingham
11. Michael Stewart
12. Liam Duffy
13. Jordan Rice
14. Dave Saunders
15. Paul Stewart
16. Jon Steel
17. Alex Kennedy
18. James Johnston
19. Luke Watling

TRYS: Jonas (2), Oakley, Matthews
GOALS: Saddler (1)


1. Lewis Warner
2. Patrick Evans
3. Chris McNamara
4. Paul Sellwood
5. Zac Cotton
6. Simon Wright
7. Scott Amber
8. Joe Sproston
9. Carwin Richards
10. Jon Trickey
11. Iyan Brown
12. Alex James
13. Adam Ramsden
14. Kyle Blackwood
15. Dermot Dooley
16. Paul Harris
17. Dave Galvin
18. Callum Wilkinson
19: Owen Griffiths

TRYS: Trickey, Ramsden, Warner, Cotton, Griffiths, Dooley
GOALS: Amber (8)

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