Tyrone McCarthy still suffering from double vision post-retirement

Drew Darbyshire
Tyrone McCarthy Leigh

Tyrone McCarthy in action for Leigh in 2021

Tyrone McCarthy has revealed he is still suffering from double vision months after bringing the curtain down on his playing career.

The 32-year-old announced his retirement at the end of last season after suffering a bad concussion against his former club Warrington whilst playing for Leigh.

McCarthy, who now coaches Warrington’s academy, says the concussion has lingered. He is still seeking advice from specialists on how to treat it.

Appearing on The Love Rugby League Podcast, McCarthy said: “I suffered a bad concussion and I’m still suffering from a bit of double vision from that. It is pretty much why I’ve called time on my career.

“It stopped the influence I could have on the pitch. I tried to do my best off the pitch within the group. Unfortunately, that was my last year due to injury. I wasn’t able to display what I thought I could display; but I’d like to think that I left the club having given 100% what I could there.

“The immediate thing was getting my vision right. I wanted to play in the World Cup (before it was postponed). I went to see brain specialists to see where I was at.

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“Normally with head contacts, it would take a couple of days to overcome and then I’d be fine; but this one lingered. After six weeks I went to see an eye specialist, then I found out that I actually had a fractured eye socket too. That was a bit of relief because I thought well this must be why my vision is a bit poor.

“I was going back and to from seeing the specialist and started back training but then I started getting more headaches and my vision was going as the training intensified. They were a few warning signs for me that it wasn’t a good idea until we knew what the issue was.”

Tyrone McCarthy grateful for his rugby league journey

Tyrone McCarthy Ireland PA

Although it was not the way he wanted his career to end, McCarthy is grateful for everything rugby league has given him.

He added: “I’m still suffering with the double vision. I’ve not done any training since really and I’m trying to get to the bottom of that. The scary thing is, is the not knowing.

“The reason why I made my decision not to carry on was to attack the next phase of my career rather than wait for some answers that might never come.

“It is a bit of a downer to end your career with but I’m grateful for the journey I’ve had; and the opportunities that have been presented. Thankfully, it has leaded me into the role that I’m in now. I think it is a massive area for the game to consider and the game is addressing some of that.”

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