Toronto Wolfpack issue update on the club’s future

Drew Darbyshire
Toronto Wolfpack PA

Toronto Wolfpack have broken their silence, saying they will begin to move forward in the North American Rugby League competition.

The Canadian club have not played since their 42-6 win over Washington DC Cavalry in the Canada Cup last September.

The inaugural Canada Cup game, with DC replacing Ottawa Aces, was set up to provide a taster to fans ahead of the new North American Rugby League competition set to commence in 2022.

But talk surrounding the new NARL competition has fallen silent until now. The Wolfpack have issued a statement to their supporters, saying there will be a soft launch this season with home games at Lamport Stadium and away games on the East Coast against Atlanta, New York and Washington DC.

NARL: The 14 teams taking part in the North American Rugby League competition

Full statement from Toronto Wolfpack

A club statement read: “On behalf of the board of the Toronto Wolfpack, I would like to take this opportunity to update you all, and simultaneously, outline the 2022 season.

“Since our Canada Cup victory late last year, as you are all aware, there has been silence from the Wolfpack team and its owners. This silence is due to waiting for the NARL league to align correctly. Until we felt the league was ready, we did not want mixed messages out there confusing, nor did we want to give false hope to our fans.

“We are now happy with the status of the NARL league, and we will begin to move forward. In the coming weeks, we will release additional information outlining our progress and launch our new Toronto Wolfpack team merchandise store and website.

“This season will be a soft launch league with home games at the Den and away games all on the East Coast against Atlanta, New York and Washington DC.

“Stay tuned for the upcoming schedule and more news as we progress. Many thanks for your patience and for running with the pack.”

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