Toronto Wolfpack must enter new participation agreement to compete in 2021 Super League

Toronto Wolfpack would have to enter into a new participation agreement to play in Super League next season after their current deal was terminated.

The Canadian club withdrew from Super League last month for financial reasons due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Their results have been expunged, having lost all six of their games. The participation agreement is a deal that all 12 Super League clubs have to agree to before taking part.

In a statement released by Super League, it read: “Super League’s action reflects the seriousness of the breach of contract by Toronto Wolfpack, which has impacted Super League and its member clubs.

“The Wolfpack would now have to enter into a new participation agreement before being able to play in the competition in 2021.

“As previously stated by Super League and the RFL, any application received from the club will be given full and timely consideration.”

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    • Fully agree the rugby league were quick to see off heartland clubs like Blackpool,Huyton bramley to name a few but bend over backwards to accommodate these new risky clubs. Make them start at the bottom and prove themselves just imagine if it was say Warrington lost first 6 games through there hands in and expect to get back in super league the next year I don’t think so

  1. Dear God cut them some slack. Nobody saw this coming, nobody was prepared for it an nobody will be harder hit than a transatlantic team denied any part of the central funding or any possibility of revenue from home games this season. How narrow minded and insular is it possible for RL to be?

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