The Locker Cup revived for Warrington-Wigan clash

James Gordon

Warrington and Wigan will compete for The Locker Cup when they meet at the Magic Weekend at Anfield on Saturday.

As well as marking the 30th anniversary of the Great American Challenge of 1989 in Milwaukee with the kits they will be wearing, further history between these two clubs will also be recognised with the return of the Locker Cup.

The Locker Cup trophy, a pre-season friendly trophy previously competed for in 24 matches, with both teams winning 12 apiece, was last played for in 1995 with the launch of Super League in 1996.

The clubs have agreed to amalgamate the two and celebrate 30 years since the Milwaukee adventure and play for the Locker Cup at the Magic Weekend.

Earlier this week both coaches and players, alongside former Wire player Mike Nicholas, visited the Locker Group to mark the renewed sponsorship of the trophy.

Nicholas spoke of his memories of the infamous Warrington Wigan rivalry, playing for the Locker Cup and working for the wire industry with Locker.