Super League and RFL move closer to re-alignment

The first steps towards a re-alignment of Super League and the Rugby Football League were taken today when club representatives met to discuss plans for a restructure of the game.

Among the proposals was thought to be a long-term one to change the 12-team Super League to two divisions of 10 but no decisions were taken and clubs will be expected to provide feedback ahead of a re-convening of the meeting next Friday.

Clubs will also consider a short-term plan to suspend relegation in 2021 due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic but continue with promotion from the Championship.

Super League’s interim chairman Ken Davy is leading the drive to bring his organisation closer to the governing body following the split of 2018 and, along with RFL chief executive Ralph Rimmer, Davy led discussions with clubs from all three tiers of the professional game.

Rimmer said: “All of us involved in these discussions today want the very best for their clubs, players, fans and the whole game.

“The collective approach has been positive and constructive and there will be further consultation with clubs in the coming days.”

In addition to re-alignment, topics discussed included central funding distribution from the new television deal and potential new competitions designed to help grow the game commercially.

Davy said: “The emphasis of today’s meeting was to provide a platform for discussion on several key areas of the sport, which can be the catalyst to drive the game forward in the coming years.

“The whole game approach to these discussions is testament to the importance placed on ensuring we deliver a compelling, long-lasting structure for the whole sport.

“The next two years are absolutely vital for the sport. We need to continue to make rugby league an attractive sport to supporters, broadcasters, viewers and commercial partners.”


  1. Re alignment can’t happen unless you start by removing Rimmer from his role and appointing someone to oversee the whole of rugby league with a talent for growing it from grass roots to super league with innovative ideas and a marketing strategy unlike Rimmer who wants to destroy grass roots and academs.

  2. I agree and the next person should have a idea of how to do the job correctly such as an ex chairman or coach or a player , so they understand what the game needs

  3. Dividing the Super League by conference or division is long-needed but then why reduce it to 10 teams? Or, what’s the points of divisions if there’s just 10 teams?

    Keep 12 teams, with each division having a minimum-of-one non-English-club quota.

  4. Agree with this but it would need to be a closed league with new teams only allowed if one team fails to keep within the criteria that would be set , in other words franchised ! Set 20 teams that have a sound business base own there own stadiums no renting or sharing unless the RL team is the main shareholder and recieved an income from the team it was sharing with also better TV deal would be required more funding RL governing body should be a non profit organisation and any surplus at year end shared equally with all 20 clubs imho

    • They had a closed league for several years, it did nothing to grow the game.

      All that getting rid of pro-rel does is alienate fans from the clubs who are excluded, and you’re effectively excluding the MAJORITY of clubs and fans.

      • Totally totally agree.
        In the early 90s there were 3 divisions with the 2nd division only 8 teams.
        Biggest mistake ever.
        Same teams playing each other all the time. No big attendances. Boring. Predictable crap.

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