Oldham forced to leave Boundary Park

Co-operative Championship division one Oldham are searching for a new home after being told they cannot stay at Boundary Park.

The club survived the threat of a winding-up order just days ago but have now been moved on by Oldham Athletic.

Chris Hamilton, Oldham’s new owner and chief executive, says the club will “tackle head on” this latest difficulty.

“Athletic’s manager [Dave Penney] does not want anything but football at Boundary Park and at the end of the day it’s their ground,” said Hamilton. “It means that once again we are looking for somewhere else to play.

“The Oldham RL club has had to lead a nomadic existence ever since Watersheddings was sold 14 years ago and no other club in the game has had to experience and overcome the problems we have had to contend with in Oldham in those 14 years.

“Having just secured the immediate future of the club we now face another blow but it is one we will tackle head on, as we always have done in the past.”

The Roughyeds have played at Boundary Park since selling The Watersheddings in 1995, although “home” games have also been staged at grounds such as Spotland and Sedgley Park.

Hamilton plans to meet with Oldham Council in order to find a new home for next season.

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