Morgan Knowles free to play in Super League Grand Final following second successful appeal

Morgan Knowles

St Helens’ Morgan Knowles is now free to play in Saturday’s Super League Grand Final after a second successful appeal.

Knowles, 25, has seen his two-match ban overturned and will now be free to play at Old Trafford against Leeds Rhinos on Saturday.

St Helens failed their original appeal on Tuesday and Knowles’ suspension stood. However, a second appeal has seen them successful in overturning the decision.

Morgan Knowles wins second appeal

The RFL said in a statement: “St Helens’ Morgan Knowles is free to play in Saturday’s Super League Grand Final, following a successful second appeal against a two-match suspension.

After Tuesday’s independent tribunal rejected his first appeal, St Helens launched a second appeal claiming that the tribunal’s conclusion was ‘unreasonable’ based on the evidence presented.

“Tonight’s tribunal accepted that while there was some twisting to apply pressure to the limb of an opposing player, this did not exceed the normal range of movement and therefore could not have posed an ‘unacceptable risk of injury.”

The full minutes of the hearing will be available on the RFL website on Thursday morning.

It also means the international forward will be available for all of England’s games ahead of the World Cup. The loose forward was set to miss the friendly against Fiji due to his suspension.

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  1. The decision to exonerate Morgan Knowles after 2 match ban followed up by a £500 fine after appeal found to be frivolous brings the RFL into disrepute. It undermines the disciplinary panel and makes a mockery of player safety. Knowles actions on the pitch clearly show a premeditated chicken wing tackle. After a 2nd appeal he is now exonerated only raises question marks about the integrity of governance which shakes trust in RFL as a governing body to its roots. I will not be watching the GF as a result.

    • None whatsoever, an appalling decision. But, in truth, are you the slightest bit surprised? If that had been an Hull FC player he’d have got the absolute maximum penalty, plus extra for the appeals, and I say that as a Hull KR fan! I’m sorry to say it, but you see the inconsistency on the pitch in the refereeing. I’m watching less and less of the sport, taking less interest generally, it’s heading to WWE territory of heroes and villains with guaranteed results. I picked a season with an 82% accuracy rate based on who was playing who, state of the league table, and the referee. Last third of the season, Saints four ooints clear, playing the bottom side, put everything you’ve got on the bottom side! It is predictable!

      • A sad day for rugby league. It throws light on a governance system that has failed the sport, the players & the fans. A yellow card on the day correctly given a 2 match ban reaffirmed on appeal and £500 added for frivolous appeal. All overturned on “2nd” Appeal. This decision is immensely damaging because the offence was called out by Ref, TV commentary sky & Ch4. It undermines the Disc Panel & calls into question the integrity of the Club concerned because it is condoning this type of challenge & the RFL who in the eyes of the cynical observer have favoured club and player over the reputation of the game & safety of the players. Truly shameful!

    • Your correct. RFL also advised in regards to the John Bateman suspension, that he’s picked for the England knights * serves 2 match ban before his 3rd for the start of the world Cup. If that’s not corrupt, I don’t know what is ? Again if it’s a lower league team , not Wigan , saints , Catalans. They would not have that kind of Luck .

  2. It was a bad day tackle which probably deserved a ban. But the worst thing is the U turn by the appeal panel, it makes it look like they are incompetent at best, or corrupt at worst. It will no doubt mean that every ban will be appealed twice from now on!

  3. This has made a complete mockery of our sport! I’ve lost all interest in The Grand Final now, it is going to be a complete Farce! The RFL have a lot to answer for now, the appeals’ committee, have brought our sport into distribute, St Helens RLFC look a joke, after they lost the first appeal, their coach said he accepted it! Social Media since last night’s ruling has gone crazy, what other sports fans must think of Rugby League now, saddens me.

  4. It’s becoming a joke, they gave korbin sims a three match ban on his final game before he retired for the slightest Of contact with the referee and then everyone watching on tv can see this thug trying his best to twist a player’s arm to put him out of the game and he gets away with it. Rugby league is becoming a joke or the people at the top are , no wonder the same teams are always in the finals with this bias towards them. Think I’ll start going to rugby union next season.

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