Mailbox: Why Featherstone aren’t top of the Championship

Craig Kopczak (8) of Featherstone Rovers celebrates his try

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Dear James

Apologies if this has already been covered previously but I would be grateful for an explanation as to why Featherstone Rovers are second in the Championship whilst Toulouse are above them.

I understand the win percentage this season but both are on 100% with Fev having a better points total and points difference so, my logic suggests, they should be sitting at the top of the table with Toulouse in second.

Surely 13 from 13 trumps 9 from 9? As a lifelong Rovers fan it seems, to me, quite unfair.

Best wishes


Editor’s comment: I share your frustration, Andy! This is quite a good example of how changes in rugby league make it sometimes difficult for fans to keep up with what’s going on.

Even the official RFL website doesn’t display the proper table.

The decision of course was made at the start of the season to determine the final standings by Win Percentage, with the assumption that teams will not be able to complete all their games. Win percentage is calculated by taking the number of wins, divided by the number of games played, then multiplied by a hundred. Draws count as half a win in this scenario.

Featherstone, with 13 wins from 13, therefore have the same win percentage as Toulouse, with nine from nine.

However, Toulouse are placed at the top of the league due to their Points Scored Percentage – which is essentially the COVID replacement for points difference – being better.

Points Scored Percentage is calculated by taking the number of points a team has scored, dividing it by the number of points they have conceded, and then multiplying by a hundred.

Toulouse’s Points Scored Percentage is 492% (Scored 433 / 88 conceded * 100), while Featherstone’s is 345% (573 scored / 166 conceded * 100)

It is worth noting that while Toulouse have won four less games, it’s not their fault they have played less games – due to teams opting not to travel to France due to the quarantine requirements for part-time players on return to the UK.

What it does mean that this week’s game between the two clubs will provide a clear (albeit small) gap between the two – assuming it’s not a draw! – and is likely to determine home advantage for the Grand Final in the long run.

Mailbox gives you the chance to get your voice heard and start the debate with the rugby league audience. Get your letters in now via email to:


  1. Points scored percentage is the most garbage way of calculating points difference I’ve ever seen. Whoever can’t up with it needs sacking for not understanding maths.

    It should be average points difference if you’re using average points.
    PD / games. Done.

    No wonder no one can understand the league!

  2. What they should use is a weighted average of the 95th percentile, that would produce a truer result over a season. Just saying,

    • Hello Wayne I am also a Widnes supporter and I remember Widnes getting stitched up to allow Catalan to join super league . So this Problem is very simple to fix . Keep the French sides in their own country and in their own leagues and concentrate on our own game after all its in a right state as it is with out added complications . So yes bring back the charity shield , Lancashire and Yorkshire cups challenge cup , top six play offs , yes I’ve turned the history clocks backs , but there was half as much trouble as the modern game has right now

  3. What they should of done was promote Featherstone because they were in the play off final with Toronto, or at least a play off between London Broncos and featherstone to decide who went into the super league and the answer to the question is quite simple they want another French team in the super league so they want Toulouse in and not a hard working side like featherstone.

    • As a Widnes supporter, Featherstone should have gone up on several occasions under Darryl Powell, also they should have been granted a place, ahead of Leigh Centurions last year on merit. I sympathise with Fev Rovers, and if ever a team deserves promotion to Super league, it’s them! My only worry, is if they do eventually get there, they don’t lose every game, like Leigh are currently doing!

  4. Should be a neutral stadium like Headingley or leigh sports village for the final,if Featherstone reach the final what happens if not allowed to travel to France being part time,,No problem for Toulouse if they reach final travelling to England with being full time or have the RL got that hidden agenda already in mind

  5. Before the start of the season League ranking was based on a percentage system. However once more the goal posts have been moved by the RFL. So now aToulouse do not have to play the minimum amount of games as agreed by all. This has given a massive advantage to a full time team over part time Featherstone. Sundays victory over Bradford gave Featherstone a further 2 points advantage over Toulouse, but in reality this took them further away from top spot! What a joke. We are continually being told that we all agreed to this system. But only the RFL agreed to reduce the amount of games Toulouse’s had to play. Also Toulouse are now insisting that the million pound game should be played in France if they finish top of the pile? No wonder so many are turning their backs on RL.

    • I wonder how much of this nonsense comments would had been posted if featherstone had a better percentage… this system is easier to understand than this I’ll faith

  6. Heaven knows how many times this has to be explained! It’s the only fair way to produce a league table due to the impact of Covid-19 and the uneven number of fixtures some teams are being able to play.

  7. This is another example of the RFL manipulating figures to determine who goes up. When Toronto pulled out the 2nd place team should have been offered/given the promotion as would have happened in any other sport when another player or team pulls out or is disqualified. It was obvious that Toulouse would not be able to fulfill their match obligations so this manipulation of the points structure and award makes it easier for Featherstone or any other UK team to be kept back. Unless Leigh would have still been in this league then it would have been an interesting debate of how to make the figures fit.

    • Toulouse have been able to fulfill everyone of there fixtures! They have travelled, its the UK based teams that have not travelled so don’t blame them. Dufference is toulouse have built slowly, got a decent stadium and not assumed they have any right because of history.

  8. Unfortunately for my team Fev Rovers.There is no chance of them ever getting there,R F L have proved over time they do not want them in (Why i have no idea they cannotdo any more over the years.than what they have allready done )SUPER LEAGUES LOSS

  9. And Featherstone haven’t? How long have do we have to build? By the way Featherstone have had 4 more game to play, picking up injuries along the way. And 4 more chances for teams to score against them. Garbage system how can they be further behind. By the way Tolouse had the luxury of playing in the French league when all play was susp3in the UK for over a year, allowing them to hit the ground running this year. Featherstone should be applauded for what they have achieved.

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