7 ultra marathons in 7 days: Kevin Sinfield to embark on biggest challenge yet

Drew Darbyshire
Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield Leeds Rhinos PA

Kevin Sinfield will take on 7 ultra marathons in 7 days to raise money and awareness for motor neurone disease, inspired by his friend Rob Burrow.

Sinfield will start running from Murrayfield on Sunday, November 13. He will finish at half-time in the men’s Rugby League World Cup final at Old Trafford on Saturday, November 19.

Sinfield, who will run more than 60km every day, is aiming to raise £777,777 for MND.

Sinfield told BBC Breakfast: “We will start in Edinburgh and we’ll run from Murrayfield to Old Trafford.

“Seven days, we are sticking with that theme with the number seven again. We’ll try to hit places and locations that mean a lot to Doddie (Weir), Rob and Stephen (Darby). We’ll do seven ultras in seven days.

“For the rugby league world, who have supported Rob enormously, it is a wonderful event to finish at.”

In response to Sinfield’s superhuman effort, Burrow said: “I did not know what the next crazy challenge was for Kev until today but I knew it would be the hardest yet.

“You have got to ask yourself, what sort of guy would put his body in harms way for his little mate? I could only say a brother.

“I love him like family and I know my family do too.”

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Kevin Sinfield no stranger to a challenge

Sinfield’s efforts to raise funds and awareness since Burrow’s diagnosis of the terminal disease in 2019.

The Rhinos legend ran seven marathons in seven days in December 2020 and then ran 101 miles in 24 hours last year – all to raise awareness and funds for MND after being inspired by Burrow.

Sinfield won’t just be representing his good mate Burrow though. He’ll be representing all of the MND community – including former footballer Stephen Darby and ex-rugby union stars Doddie Weir and Ed Slater.

Sinfield added: “I’m absolutely honoured that we get to represent Doddie, Stephen and Rob who started the campaigning and now joined by Ed, and it becomes a really powerful team. I’m delighted we can represent them.

“What the four of them have achieved and what they continue to do is fuel for us. We know that full MND community is behind us. They have been the last two years and we’ll keep banging that drum.”

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