Josh McCrone wants Toronto Wolfpack to be given a Super League second chance

Toronto captain Josh McCrone has joined coach Brian McDermott in calling for the Wolfpack to be given a second chance in Super League.

The Canadian club pulled out of the competition in July when owner David Argyle revealed he could no longer afford to pay the bills and they subsequently had their participation agreement terminated.

However, they have submitted an application to rejoin the competition in 2021 under prospective new owner Toronto businessman Carlo LiVolsi and are currently waiting for a decision from Super League.

McCrone, 33, who led the Wolfpack to promotion from the Championship last October, has returned to Australia to play out the season with New South Wales team Young Cherrypickers but is hoping to get the chance to come back to Super League.

In an open letter, McCrone says: “I understand both the Super League and the RFL have to do their due diligence to ensure we never find ourselves in this same situation again.

“However, this remains a unique opportunity to grow the greatest game in the world, in one of the greatest cities in the world.

“If we do get the green light from the authorities, I would be proud to pull on the Wolfpack jersey and lead my club through the season in 2021.

“I feared this opportunity might not arise, but under our new ownership I really hope it does and that the decision made by our fellow clubs will be a positive one.”


McCrone accuses Argyle of misleading the players, who have not been paid for the last three months, but is encouraged by the promises of LiVolsi, who has pledged to put the club on a solid platform and says his first job would be to pay the outstanding wages, thought to be worth £500,000.

Toronto regularly drew crowds approaching 10,000 on their way to Super League and McCrone is urging the game to grasp the opportunity to expand.

“We have experienced first hand how Canadian fans have taken to rugby league,” he says. “The city of Toronto loves sport and they extended their love to the Wolfpack.

“The game day excitement is something I have never seen before in rugby league. The atmosphere at a sold out Lamport Stadium is infectious.

“It is hugely disappointing that every Super League team, and their fans, did not get to experience it for themselves this year.

“As captain of this club I have had many dealings with David Argyle. I was personally very disappointed in how he misled us, and it has left a sour taste in my mouth.

“However even with the turbulence of the last several months I would not go back and change my decision to join this club.

“It is more than one person, it has become our family. It has so much to offer not just to the Super League but to the game of rugby league as a whole.”

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  1. Torontonian here. I don’t know a thing about the club administration or ownership, but as someone who had never heard of rugby league a few years ago, to holding season tickets for our family, I truly hope to see the Toronto Wolfpack continue on in tomorrow.

    The reception has been tremendous, the forward motion from a standing start has been incredible to see, and I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone from explaining the sport — or what I understand of it, anyway — to friends, to seeing them turn up at games themselves.

    We’ve begun looking for rugby league for kids as our own get older. Pickings are slim, unsurprisingly. But as things go, and as the Wolfpack continues to anchor interest in learning more about the sport, I have to think that that will grow — we are not the only ones looking. So, while I understand the frustration with the outgoing ownership set, I hope that that doesn’t blow back on continuing to build the team and the sport in a city that I believe is set to truly appreciate this sport and its values.

  2. Long time rugby league fan of 54 years not 5 mins . No second chance for Toronto, without points deduction or relegation. No different treatment to other clubs like Widnes or Bradford. Toronto walked out two competitions first of all the league and secondly the challenge cup . Brought the game into disrepute not bad for a4 year history Toronto

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