Hull owner warns clubs will die without Government support


Hull FC owner Adam Pearson says rugby league clubs will “start to die” without specific Government help in the battle against Covid-19.

As the pandemic continues to grip sport and with predictions of a grim six months ahead, clubs in the 13-a-side code – which is not played professionally in winter – have serious concerns.

“We definitely need more support,” Pearson told the Daily Politics. “When the Government came out and said that six months was the new time limit, it’s obviously caused us huge problems.

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“People won’t buy season tickets in December 2020 for the 2021 season so there’ll be no money coming in to the rugby clubs, it’s completely stopped that.

“We’re not football, we’re not rugby union, we’re in the heartlands and we need some specific help to help us through this.”

Super League received a £16million Government loan in May to deal with a disrupted season, with games behind closed doors and the fixture list decimated by positive coronavirus tests.

“To be fair to the Government, they’ve helped us already with a specific Government loan but I would say March 2021, without further help, would be an Armageddon for rugby clubs,” Pearson added.

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