Hood proud of Thunder players

James Hall (arm) is definitely missing for Thunder, although his injury is not as bad as first feared.

Director of Rugby Chris Hood explained: “We thought it was a recurrence of his broken arm, but thankfully it’s been x-rayed and he’s just torn his ligaments. He’s looking at three weeks out.”

Gateshead were victims of a 132-0 massacre at Blackpool last week.

Hood said: “We’re doing what we’re doing. We’re working on a small things, both in the individual performances and the team as a whole.

“I’m immensely proud of my players and the fact that I can stand alongside them. There is a massive difference between what we’re able to give the players compared to what they give us. They give the club so much more than we can financially give them but that doesn’t stop their desire and their passion and their hurt when things don’t go their way.

“I’m incredibly proud to be able to stand by this group of gladiators.”

Workington are without prop Lee Dutton as he starts a two-match suspension, while Darren King and Jack Pedley are both out for up to a month.
Joint coach Gary Charlton said: “We’ve got to concentrate on our own game and make sure we get that in order. Gateshead will be down in the dumps and looking to put things right against us, but we can’t afford to let them do that.”

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