Higham to remain Leigh skipper

Micky Higham will continue as captain of Leigh for the 2017 Super League season.

Leigh head coach Neil Jukes said: “Every new season brings fresh challenges and there are many decisions to be made. But this was the easiest decision to reach.

“Micky is everything you would want from a Captain both on the playing field, with his efforts, consistency and performance levels and also off the field.

“He shows the same attributes in training and with the disciplined way he conducts himself around the stadium complex.

“He has the respect of all the coaching staff and all the players and undoubtedly this decision will be well received by all.

“There’s no doubt that Micky played a huge part in what we achieved last season and he is happy to carry the torch leading us into Super League.

“He has earned the right to be Captain of Leigh Centurions on the bigger stage.”

Higham said: “When Jukesy gave me a call and asked me to go round again as Captain I immediately felt very proud.

“It is a huge honour to captain the team again and more so in Super League. It is great to know all the coaches and players are behind me.

“We have a number of natural leaders in the team and there will be times during games when we will need other captains on the field.

“The reality of being in Super League is now hitting home to us. We had some great celebrations on achieving promotion and rightly so, but after three weeks of pre season the intensity levels have been very high.

“The new players that have come into the group have all fitted in and it has been a really good experience so far being back in training.

“Training is longer and more intense and I think all the lads are frustrated that for all their hard work there is no end product at the end of the week in the form of a game.

“Off the field the Club is continuing to have a big involvement in the community and as Captain it is important for me to set the right example.

“I’m a Leigh lad and I grew up watching the team not only at Hilton Park but at far flung away grounds and I was inspired to want to play for the club by the way the players then interacted with the fans.

“I’ve no problems giving up a few hours a week going around the town and if I can help inspire someone to want to play for Leigh, keep on playing the game or have an involvement in Rugby League or supporting the team then it makes it worthwhile.

“It’s a very important part of being a professional Rugby League player.”

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