Have your say: Should the World Club Challenge concept continue?

There has been a lot of talk surrounding the future of the World Club Challenge recently and we want to know if you think it should continue.

Brett Morris scored a hat-trick to help Sydney Roosters beat Wigan Warriors 20-8 in the World Club Challenge at the DW Stadium on Sunday.

Speaking after the game, Wigan coach Adrian Lam believes the World Club Challenge concept is great for the sport and insists it has got to continue.

He said: “I thought tonight was a massive highlight for rugby league around the world.

“It was at a packed stadium in Wigan in the north of England, right in the heartlands of rugby league in the UK.

“The atmosphere was amazing. Every single one of the Roosters players I spoke to after the game said they had never experienced anything like this before.

“As the stage for rugby league to anyone watching from the outside, they would’ve loved tonight and it’s something we need to continue. It’s great for our game and it’s great for us at this time of season.”

And Sydney coach Trent Robinson also thinks the World Club Challenge should become a mainstay in the rugby league calendar.

He said: “We have discussions about it every year whether we should play it or not, it is crazy.

“Let’s get it organised, let’s get it sorted and spend a few days talking about one of the greatest, showcases we have in the World Club Challenge and how do we market it well and do it justice to both seasons.

“Surely some people can talk about that over two or three days and get it sorted for the future.”

However, some fans think the concept should be scrapped as they claim it is a ‘pointless’ fixture.

We want to know what you think…


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