France name training squad for autumn internationals

James Gordon

France coach Aurelien Cologni has named a 28-man training squad for their internationals this autumn.

It includes nine players from Catalans and 10 from Toulouse, with Wigan pair Morgan Escare and Romain Navarette joining St Helens’ Theo Fages and Ilias Bergal of Leigh.

There are just six players in the squad from the domestic league.

France play Serbia in Belgrade on October 6 before taking on England at Leigh Sports Village on October 27.

They then face Ireland, Scotland and Wales on consecutive weekends before hosting New Zealand on November 17, after the Kiwis have finished their autumn test series against England.

Squad: Lucas Albert, Jasion Baitieri, Julian Bousquet, Rémi Casty, Alrix Da Costa, Benjamin Garcia, Tony Gigot, Mickael Goudemand, Benjamin Jullien (Catalans), Bastien Ader, William Barthau, Clément Boyer, Bastien Canet, Rhys Curran, Paul Marcon, Gavin Marguerite, Anthony Marion, Tony Maurel, Justin Sangaré (Toulouse) Morgan Escaré, Romain Navarrete (Wigan Warriors) Théo Fages (St Helens) Ilias Bergal (Leigh Centurions), Bastien Escamilla (AS Carcassonne), Valentin Yesa, Thomas Lasvesnes (Limoux), Joris Bissière (Avignon), William Ousty (Albi)