Finn ready to earn respect at Wakefield

Wakefield half-back Liam Finn is ready to knuckle down and earn the respect of the fans and players at his new club,

Finn, 32, has moved across West Yorkshire from Castleford, and, although he sees himself as a senior player, he has his priorities clear when it comes to his job at the club.

“I don’t see me doing any coaching at this moment in time,” he told Love Rugby League.

“I’m just a player like anyone else.

“In terms of mentoring other players, it’s certainly something that you try and do as a senior player.

“But also it’s a little bit difficult coming in, because you want to settle in and get people respecting you for the right reasons before you start trying to look out for anybody else.

“If I get the first part right and gain the respect of my team-mates, and the people who come and pay to watch.

“If I can then help a few along the way that’s a bonus.”

As well as Finn and Ben Jones-Bishop, Wakefield have also been reinforced from overseas, with Tinirau Arona and Anthony Tupou moving in from the NRL.

Finn is hoping to play some entertaining football alongside the new boys.

“They’ve settled in great,” he said.

“They’re good personalities to come into the group, and hopefully we’ll see some exciting rugby from them.”

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