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Will Pryce

Match Review Panel member Nathan McAvoy called Will Pryce’s red card one of the worst examples of a dangerous throw he had seen for some time.

Pryce was sent off after his tackle on Connor Wynne during Huddersfield’s 14-6 defeat against Hull FC. He would go on to receive a 10-match suspension after being referred to the tribunal.

The tackle caused plenty of debate on social media, with some saying the ban was too extreme, while other argued it was lenient.

Will Pryce: Social Media reacts

McAvoy explained his and the Match Review Panel’s process on the incident during an episode of Sin Bin.

He said: “I think for the for the panel, it was, for me anyway, was probably one of the worst examples of a dangerous lift or a dangerous throw that I’ve seen for a while.

“The defending player Will Pryce is particularly upset about what happened and, rightly so. It was a pretty dangerous outcome.

Will Pryce tackle analysed

“But there’s a few elements that we looked at. The first one was the momentum of the tackle. As the defending player is turning him, he gets bumped as well. Which adds to the spinning of the tackle.

“But as he’s got him in that position where he’s facing the wrong way if you like, he’s then used his hips to thrust the player up but also used his upper body to drag the player down.

“That’s the pivot point, which was the hips. Normally it’s an arm or it’s a shoulder on a dangerous throw such as that. But this time it was the hips which made the tackle much more elevated.

“That’s what gets the player into a very, very dangerous position. The dangerous position is where the hips are above the shoulders. Sometimes it can be a much shallower angle, but on this one, it doesn’t get much worse.

“The final element to it was the driving of the player into the ground onto his head and neck. Sometimes what happens here is the player will lose control and will let go of the player.

“But in this instance, he didn’t. He’s kept hold of the player.  He lost his feet off the ground, kind of jumped up in the air a little bit to add to the momentum of the tackle.

“Nothing’s intentional, I’m not going to say that Will Pryce did this intentionally. It was just very, very reckless. And the force and the lack of separation between the arm and the body into the ground added to the to the force.”

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