Eddie Hemmings fears for future of rugby league clubs

Drew Darbyshire

Former Sky Sports commentator Eddie Hemmings thinks one or two Super League clubs will struggle to survive due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The rugby league season has been suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak that has swept the world.

Hemmings, who was the voice of rugby league on Sky Sports for 30 years, fears some clubs in the game will find it hard to survive.

He said: “I hope the clubs survive, not just at Super League level but in the Championship and League 1 as well.

“There will be some little clubs that will be struggling manfully now.

“I’ve not heard any news about players being asked to take a pay cut but I’m sure that is coming.

“These boys who play rugby league, as fantastic athletes as they are, they aren’t on the same money that footballers are. The footballers, in a week, earn three or four times more than Super League players earn in a year so it is going to be difficult for them.”



Hemmings believes “one or two” Super League clubs face an uncertain future, with the income stream drying up.

He added: “It is going to be difficult for the clubs, obviously there salaries are covered by their television deal which is £1.8million a year so the salaries for the players are covered but there is a lot more to running a club than just putting a team out on the field.

“You’ve got to maintain your pitch and everything else, the income stream has dried up completely and I am worried and really concerned that some clubs might not survive and one or two clubs in Super League might just be struggling as well.”

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