Konrad Hurrell part of Tonga search for new directors

Konrad Hurrell will be part of an implementation committee to help search for new directors of Tonga.

Following Tonga Rugby League’s expulsion from the International Rugby League, an implementation committee has been formed to help with the preparation of an application for Tongan membership of the IRL.

The new four-strong committee includes two independent members from Tonga. Ikani Taliai provides an understanding of the local clubs and sporting landscape, whilst Suliana Mone is a constitutional lawyer. Hurrell will represent the national playing group and Gareth Holmes will be an Asia-Pacific Rugby League representative.

IRL global operations manager, Danny Kazandjian, said: “Over the past six months, IRL has sought the opinions and views of the various constituencies that make up the Tongan rugby league community, through surveys, face-to-face and phone interviews and a consultation phase.

“The response shaped a consensus for the next steps to stabilise Tongan rugby league. The suggestions IRL originally made to the previous governing body in December, were a result of those stakeholder interventions and intended to strengthen governance of the sport in the country.

“The bulk of Tongan clubs who participated in the consultation have now requested that IRL works closely with them to help them to immediately enact the recommendations.

“The first of those recommendations was the formation of the implementation committee, which is now coordinating efforts between the various parties.”

On behalf of the committee, Holmes said: “The implementation committee is now inviting candidates of unimpeachable integrity and the highest ethical standards to apply for the roles of independent chair and independent finance director.

“Once the roles are filled the new organisation will be in position to prepare and present its application for membership of IRL.”

Candidates should express their interest by emailing gholmes@aprl.com.au by Monday, April 13.

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