David Fifita on his mullet and who has the best one in Super League

Wakefield prop David Fifita is easy to pick out from distance for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is him boasting a huge frame at 6’4″ and 18 stone. The second being his mullet!

The mullet hairstyle was in fashion in England back in the 1980s but hasn’t been seen too many times since. However, Fifita has been rocking the cut in Super League in recent seasons. But why does he have it?

He said: “It started a couple of years when ago when I was playing for a team back home in an Indigenous carnival.

“We all said it would be a good idea to grow mullets so we did and we all held it for as long as we could. I think my brother (Andrew) cut his off earlier in the season and then I was playing good footy so I thought ‘I can’t cut it off yet’.

“Everyone back home cut all theirs off and I was the last one left with it so they told me that I couldn’t cut it but I feel I’m getting over it now! It needs cutting soon, my son has one so he can take the legacy from me.

“It took me at least three times to get it right with my barber! He started doing me a mohawk at first but he knows the drill now. He tells me I’m the only bloke who comes in with this type of hairstyle!”

But with a couple of players in Super League sporting the mullet, Fifita has had his say on who he thinks has the best.

He added: “Mahe (Fonua) is the guy, he has it flowing.

“I won’t let mine get that long. If it gets past my shoulders then I’m done with it. If there is a good charity or good cause then I’ll cut it off for something like that.”

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