Darrell Goulding anxious to taste Wembley success

Wigan-born Darrell Goulding is desperate to walk out onto the Wembley turf in the cherry and white colours this year.

Goulding did not play in last season’s Challenge Cup final, after Michael Maguire did not select him to play in Wigan’s 28-18 win over Leeds.

But this season Goulding has been in much better form under Shaun Wane, and says he the magic of the cup is not lost on him.

He said: “It is the one thing going into this year I was most looking forward to.

“Winning the Challenge Cup was my biggest aim. It’s probably not as big now as it was when I grew up, because when I was growing up the biggest thing to win was the Challenge Cup.

“To see the lads do it last year, I was made up for them all. It is something I desperately want to be part of this year.”

Goulding suffered from a knee injury leading up to the big match, and it came as no surprise to him when Michael Maguire told him he would not be playing in the game.

However Goulding understands Maguire’s selection, but admits he was still disappointed not to be taking the field that day last year.

He said: “I had been struggling with my knee all year and I hadn’t played so it wasn’t a surprise. I was ready for it, and its just one of those things. It’s a tough job to do for whoever he tells they aren’t playing, but its just rugby.

“I had a moment in the changing rooms before the game when it hit home I wouldn’t be playing, and it was a sad moment. But to see all my mates I’ve grown up and played with see that success, it was soon forgotten about.

“To see what it meant to all the players, it was a great day to be involved with. We all got medals that year, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t play in the final.”

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