Brett Ferres on the market for 2023 following “disappointing” Featherstone exit

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Brett Ferres insists he still has more to give in his career as the 36-year-old reveals his disappointing exit from Featherstone following the 2022 Championship campaign. 

The former Super League and England back-rower has lifted the lid on his departure from Rovers following a three year stint with the side.

He made the switch to the Championship in 2020 from Leeds, and made 39 appearances for Featherstone.

Ferres now remains a free agent for the first time in his career, having made his professional debut back in 2005 with Bradford.

Brett Ferres opens up on Featherstone exit

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t speak to Featherstone throughout the year,” Ferres told Love Rugby League regarding his contract negotiations.

“Everything was a very hush hush, I didn’t really know what was going on.

“And then coming towards the back end of the year, I wasn’t playing as I took a bit of a knock and was trying to get that right.

“They didn’t really say much. I went through my agent and obviously asked the question and he said he wasn’t too sure and he didn’t know what was going on.

“There were grumblings around the coach and that sort of stuff. I kind of just left it and let it sort of sit. It got towards the last couple of games and I just went in and spoke to them and they said they wasn’t sure what was going on and it was kind of left like that.

“It was a bit of a rubbish finish to be honest”

“I think it was probably a bit of a disappointing end from the time I’ve had there because I really enjoyed playing for the club.

“It was a really good set of boys and the fans are great. It was a bit of a rubbish finish to be honest. I haven’t really heard much from the club, and there was no sort of goodbyes or anything.

“That’s the nature of rugby. Unfortunately, these sort of things happen. My last game was at Widnes away and I was fortunate enough to captain that day and then I came off injured. From there really, I didn’t play again and with everything that was going on, there was a lot of pressure on Featherstone and that sort of stuff.

“It sort of got brushed away and thank yous are nice and stuff like that, but it’s sport and I’ve been at clubs where similar sort of things have happened with different players. It’s a little bit unfortunate, but that’s the nature of the beast.”

Brett Ferres on the market for 2023

Despite the prospect of turning 37 next April, Ferres insists he has more to give and is currently on the search for a new club, either in the Championship or League 1 for the 2023 season.

However the next move could be his last in the game, with the experienced forward wanting to assist with a younger squad in what he is preparing to be his final season.

“I want the move to be right for me and to be right for the club as well,” Ferres said. “It will probably be my last year, I would imagine, and I want that to be a good one.

“I played 80 minutes every week that I played last year. I really enjoyed my rugby when I was playing. Personally, I still want to play, I still have that burn to play.

“The desire is still there”

“If I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t waste my own time, or my family’s time coming to watch and obviously the club’s time in paying me and investing time and money in me.

“The desire is still there. I still want to play and still know I have a lot to offer somebody. I certainly have something to offer probably to a younger squad with the experiences I have had throughout my career.

“I’ve spoken to both Championship and League 1 clubs. Like I say, it’s got to be the right fit for myself and the club as well. I don’t go into a club to demand massive wages and stuff like that. Hopefully if I can help with some younger players coming through and give out some guidance, that would be fantastic and really rewarding for myself.

“I did a bit of coaching at Featherstone with James Webster. I really enjoyed that. It’s something I’d like to do.”

But for the meantime, the stay-at-home father is enjoying family time over the Christmas period, with the first break he’s had since he was a teenager.

“It’s the first time I’ve had a break really,” he continued. “I signed with Bradford at 15, still at school, then after my GCSEs I left to play full-time.

“Injuries are probably the only time I’ve had a break. It’s the first time in all my career I’ve been without a club and managed to enjoy family life a little bit more and it’s been great and those sort of times you can’t get back.”

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