Bateman: We don’t have to change much

John Bateman says if England fix a few small things in their performance than they can beat anyone.

England fell agonisingly short to New Zealand on Saturday in a one-point loss.

But Bateman is confident they can turn their stuttering Four Nations campaign around.

“Definitely. You look at the passion and pride we’ve got, it’s always been there,” the Wigan forward said.

“It’s just little stuff that cost us – we didn’t touch the ball for the last 10 minutes of the first half. That’s when they scored.

“We fix that up and we can beat anyone. [There’s] no worry. We’ve got the players, we’ve got the coaching staff.

“Everyone knows what their job is, everyone knows what we need to do and we’ve got to do that next week against Scotland and then Australia.”

Bateman said the mood in the England camp was “a bit down” following the 17-16 defeat.

“It’s a bit up and down in there,” he said.

“Obviously the score didn’t really reflect what we wanted. It’s one of those things you can’t settle on, we have to move on to next week and go again.

“The mood in the camp’s a bit down but we know what we’ve done and we know the positives we have to take out of it.

“It’s only a little change, so we’re looking forward to next week now.”

England take on Scotland this Saturday in Coventry.

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