York fans anger at owner’s comments


Fans of homeless York City Knights have been left shocked and angered at comments made by owner John Guildford on social media this weekend.

It is the latest twist in the drama that has thrown the Kingstone Press League 1 club’s entire future in to turmoil after months of arguments between Guildford and the City of York council.

Last week the Knights Independent Supporters Society (KISS) handed in a 1000 signiture petition to Red Hall asking for assistance in the removal of Guildford from the troubled club, which sparked a shocking social media outburst from the Knights supremo.

In a post aimed at Gary and Andy Hall, two Knights fans and club sponsors, Guildford wrote: “Please help stop these 2 big girls blouses bullying me, they also have a serious crush on me now. Ha. The fat one even loves handing photos of me out all day, the other knob sits all day on social media posting under different names and pretends hes me, and the third one is in the background as the mouth but won’t meet anyone without a minder or his mam with him to hold his hand. 

Man up and get out more you both need some time out of your bedrooms looking at the colour of your legs [referring to a picture taken of the two fans as they were doing a charity walk for Prostate Cancer research].

Window lickers. Lol.

Have a nice weekend.”

Shocked and angry Knights fans soon took to social media to voice their displeasure. Ron Wathey said: “2 weeks away from our first home game and we’re still homeless, we have a chairman/owner/whatever other title he’s given himself who’s thinks it is acceptable to mock disabilities and says we should sue the council to claim back our season ticket money.

And where are the directors on all this? It’s not as if they’ve got any meetings with the council to attend, so why aren’t they keeping Guildford in line?

Embarrassed to be a Knights fan with this muppet in charge. #Guildfordout”

Nigel Moulton said: “Total disgrace! No other words for it!”

David Mason said:As a Knights fan who has a mobility problem and uses a wheelchair for match days I’m absolutely disgusted and furious that JG would take a shot at people that have disabilities #GuildfordOut”

And Dave Wells said: “My daughter has Down’s syndrome and loves football and tennis. I was considering taking her down to some Knights games had they been playing at BC, but after the comments made yesterday I will NEVER give a penny to the club whilst JG is in charge, wherever they play.”

With just 13 days remaining until their first home game of the season, time is fast running out for the York City Knights to reach an amicable conclusion.