Women’s World Cup 2021 venues beyond expectations

Sebastian Sternik

Photo courtesy of Richard Long

England women’s coach Craig Richards says the stadiums allocated for women’s World Cup games are ‘well beyond of what was expected’.

The Women’s World Cup will get underway at Anfield which is set to host the opening ceremony and England’s first game of the tournament.

Old Trafford, meanwhile, will host the final as a double header event with both the men’s and women’s finals to feature on the same day; a first.

Richards said: “It’s well beyond of what we expected. It just shows what great work has gone into organising the World Cup. It really is exciting times. It’s beyond the dreams of most girls that have played the game before.

“From the day I took the role on it has been massively exciting but now to have the opportunity to coach at these stadiums – it just gives us a massive incentive to make sure we make the final and get ourselves a win there.”

For the past three years the women’s game has been elevated to new heights. One of the reason’s behind the rise has been the success of the Women’s Super League which Richards believes is going from strength to strength.

He said: “Last year it was an absolutely fantastic competition.

“The battle to actually win the league and Grand Final was such a fierce one.

“There was nothing between the sides at the top of the Super League and no one could predict a winner.

“I’m really looking forward to this year’s competition and seeing what it will bring. It is certainly going from strength to strength.”