Wolfpack want unbeaten season

Toronto coach Paul Rowley says it is the Wolfpack’s aim to go through the 2017 League 1 season undefeated.

Toronto have assembled an impressive FULL-TIME squad for their debut campaign with a host of Super League and Championship players.

Recruits include the likes of FuiFui MoiMoi, Craig Hall, Gary Wheeler, Reece Dean and Bob Beswick.

Rowley and the Wolfpack want to achieve promotion in style, winning every game their involved in.

“Ultimately we’re sportsmen. While the directive from the top is growing the sport… it’s about winning for us,” he said.

“As a coach absolutely 100%, we’ll attempt to win every game we’re participating in whether that be a friendly, a cup match or league match.

“It’s in our blood and our DNA. We’re confident in our team, it’s a young team.

“Ultimately we will be successful and we will be good for this game.”

Toronto have signed 21 players so far and Rowley said his recruitment is basically complete.

“We’re pretty much done and dusted, we got some guys to announce soon that we haven’t announced yet,” he said.

“Whist we have no specific rule on the amount of Canadian and American players involved in our team, its our commitment to try and bring those players through.”

Toronto will play friendlies against Hull FC on January 22 and Wigan on February 22 before their League 1 opener against London Scholars on March 4.

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