I’m sick of hearing about them! Wigan thriving in shadows of Field & French

George Riley
Jai Field and Bevan French Wigan Warriors SWpix

Photo: Alex Whitehead/SWpix

Liam Marshall believes Wigan have developed a team of unsung heroes who have gone under the radar while Bevan French and Jai Field dominate the headlines.

The star Warriors duo have been in devastating form this season, but Marshall has quietly risen up the try scoring charts too. And the England Knights winger believes the squad is benefiting from the attention being on French and Field.

“I’m sick of hearing about those two to be honest, it is all that people ask about!” Marshall jokingly told the latest Love Rugby League Podcast.

“They are great lads and we are very lucky to have them, how well they are playing is a pleasure to watch. They do things that not many people can do on a field but we don’t want to be that team that has to rely on those two. 

“Other lads are doing things that are going unnoticed because of how well Jai and Bevan are playing. We are very lucky to have them and it makes my life easier outside them. It is a pleasure to share the field with them sometimes with some of the things they do.”


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Wigan winger Liam Marshall: I don’t mind being out of the limelight

Marshall admits that his own game has flourished in the shadows, and the same can be said for other unsung heroes in the current Wigan side.

“Maybe it has helped me go under the radar but I don’t mind that,” he added.

“I play my best rugby when I have that hunger and feel like I’m chasing something. Having that underdog mentality and hunger makes me play better, and not that I want the limelight but it does take it away and that takes the pressure off other people to play good rugby. 

“Maybe that is helping us. They can have all the pressure and the limelight and us other lads will do our work in the dark.”

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